Who Owns the Washington Commanders Today? Exploring the Ownership Group Led by Josh Harris

Washington Football Team Undergoes Ownership Change

Washington Football Team Undergoes Ownership Change

Change in Ownership Sparks Optimism for the Washington Commanders

News: In a recent NFL development, the Washington Commanders, formerly known as the Washington Football Team, have witnessed a substantial shift in ownership. The team has been purchased by a consortium of 21 individuals, spearheaded by Josh Harris, heralding a fresh start for the franchise and its loyal fan base.

Josh Harris Takes the Helm of the Washington Commanders

Josh Harris, a well-recognized presence in the realm of sports franchises, carries his wealth of experience and leadership into the Washington Commanders as their newly-appointed owner. His previous role as the managing partner for both the NHL’s New Jersey Devils and the NBA’s Philadelphia 76ers has provided him with a deep understanding of the complexities of professional sports ownership. Fans are filled with anticipation, eagerly looking forward to the influence he will exert on the team’s future.

A Varied Ownership Consortium with a Novel Outlook

The ownership group led by Josh Harris comprises several notable individuals, including Mitch Rales, co-founder of the Carlyle Group, NBA legend Magic Johnson, David Blitzer, co-owner of the 76ers and Devils alongside Harris, and Mark Ein, a venture capitalist. This diverse group brings a fresh perspective and direction to the table, signaling a promising future for the Washington Commanders.

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A Bright Outlook on the Horizon for the Washington Commanders

Acquiring an NFL team is no small feat, but the new ownership group recognized the potential within the Washington Commanders and made a substantial financial investment to seal the deal. The unanimous approval from the NFL owners further attests to the promising vision that Harris and his team have for the franchise.

Entering an Era of Stability and Prosperity

A change in ownership inevitably brings forth a fresh set of expectations. The new ownership group has acted swiftly by appointing a new general manager and head coach, underscoring their strong commitment to revitalizing the franchise’s fortunes. The Washington Commanders are now firmly oriented towards a future marked by stability and prosperity under this new and dynamic leadership.

Illuminating Prospects on the Horizon for the Washington Commanders

Though conversations about a potential name change are not at the forefront of current priorities, the primary focus remains on the long-term success of the team. The advent of the Josh Harris-led era has ignited fresh hope and excitement among Washington Commanders’ fans. The unwavering commitment, substantial resources, and forward-looking vision of the new ownership group all signal a more promising future for the franchise. As time progresses, the evolution of this new chapter will become evident, but initial indications point toward a positive and hopeful journey for the team and its dedicated supporters.


Q: Will the Washington Commanders change their name?

A: While discussions about a potential name change are not currently a top priority.

Q: Who is the new owner of the Washington Commanders?

A: The team has been acquired by a 21-member group led by Josh Harris.

Q: What changes can be expected under the new ownership?

A: The group wasted no time in making changes, appointing a new general manager and head coach to demonstrate their commitment to turning the franchise’s fortunes around.

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