Who is Maria Georgas on The Bachelor Season 28? Explore Maria Georgas’ Career, Age, and More

Maria Georgas – A Contestant on The Bachelor Season 28

Maria Georgas - A Contestant on The Bachelor Season 28

News: Making a splash on Season 28 of The Bachelor is Maria Georgas, a self-assured and extroverted participant hailing from Kleinburg, Ontario. Renowned for her fearless demeanor, Maria fearlessly expresses her thoughts and pursues her desires without hesitation.

Her Journey on The Bachelor

As stated in her official ABC biography, Maria expresses her readiness to settle down with her ideal partner, having moved on from casual flings. Beyond her dynamic personality, Maria boasts a variety of interests, such as holding a black belt in Taekwondo karate, savoring a hearty plate of spaghetti, and harboring a profound love for horror movies. During the premiere episode, she made a lasting impression on lead Joey Graziadei by proudly waving a small Canadian flag, showcasing her national pride.

Background and Family

Beyond her reality TV venture, Maria brings a professional background as an executive assistant. Hailing from Kleinburg, Ontario, she comes from a fascinating family lineage. Her father, Nick Georgas, holds the prestigious role of president at Jubilee Candy Corp, a well-regarded confectionery manufacturer that specializes in crafting cake decorations for the baking industry.

Searching for a Lasting Connection

At the age of 29, Maria is resolute in her quest to establish a meaningful connection on Season 28 of The Bachelor. Weary of fleeting romances, she is earnestly seeking something more substantial and enduring. The twenty-eighth season of The Bachelor, which premiered on January 22, 2024, showcases Joey Graziadei as the lead, navigating through the romantic journey with 32 hopeful contestants, including Maria.

Expectations for the Season

Like any season of The Bachelor, viewers can anticipate a mix of drama, romance, and unexpected turns as Joey embarks on his quest for love. The show unfolds in various filming locations, including Collegeville, Pennsylvania; Agoura Hills, California; Jasper, Alberta; Mdina, Malta; Marbella, Spain; Montreal, Quebec; and Tulum, Mexico.

Maria Georgas stands out as a bold and determined contestant in Season 28 of The Bachelor. Her strong personality and diverse interests have made a lasting impact on the show. As the season unfolds, viewers will eagerly follow her journey to discover if she can forge the lasting connection she’s been seeking.


1. What is Maria Georgas’ background?

A. Maria Georgas has a professional background as an executive assistant.

2. Where is Maria Georgas from?

A. Maria Georgas is originally from Kleinburg, Ontario.

3. What is the premise of The Bachelor Season 28?

A. The Bachelor Season 28 features Joey Graziadei as the lead, who is on a quest to find love among 32 hopeful contestants, including Maria Georgas.

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