Who is JB Mauney currently married to? Exploring the Personal Journey of the Bull Rider

JB Mauney: A Bull Riding Champion and Devoted Family Man

JB Mauney: A Bull Riding Champion and Devoted Family Man

The Journey of JB Mauney

News: JB Mauney, the celebrated bull rider and victor of the 2013 PBR World Championship, has garnered attention not only for his extraordinary talents in the rodeo arena but also for his personal life. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of his marriages and his evolution as a dedicated family man.

A Rollercoaster of Marriages

In 2012, JB Mauney entered into matrimony with Lexie Wiggly, and the couple celebrated the arrival of a lovely daughter. Regrettably, their marital journey reached a conclusion, and they finalized their divorce in 2015. This period posed significant challenges for Mauney, yet he remained resolute in his commitment to both his career and the pursuit of personal happiness.

Finding Love Again

In 2016, JB Mauney embarked on a new and significant chapter of his life when he crossed paths with Samantha Lyne and subsequently married her. Samantha, a skilled professional barrel racer deeply entrenched in the rodeo world, shared his passion. Their connection deepened with the birth of their son in 2019, culminating in the formation of a loving and complete family.

The Power Couple

Samantha has proven to be an exceptionally supportive spouse to JB, offering steadfast encouragement in both his personal and professional life. Her fervor for the rodeo world, coupled with her prowess in barrel racing, has made them an indefatigable power couple. They possess an intimate understanding of the demands of each other’s careers and wholeheartedly back one another in the pursuit of their shared dreams.

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Resilience and Determination

Despite a career marked by triumphs, JB Mauney encountered a substantial obstacle in 2022 when he sustained a concussion during a bull riding competition. Nevertheless, he exhibited incredible resilience and determination, making a remarkable recovery in the aftermath. This incident underscored his steadfast dedication to the sport and his indomitable spirit.

Achievements of JB Mauney

JB Mauney’s career is undeniably remarkable, boasting significant accomplishments like securing the 2013 PBR World Championship and earning the distinction of being the all-time leader in career earnings for bull riding. His unwavering commitment and exceptional talent have firmly established his position as one of the preeminent bull riders in the history of the sport.

Commitment to a Healthier Lifestyle

In 2023, JB Mauney found himself embroiled in controversy when a viral photo depicted him smoking. Worried fans voiced their concerns and encouraged him to embrace healthier habits. He earnestly heeded their feedback and publicly declared his decision to quit smoking, demonstrating his dedication to prioritizing his health for the sake of his family, friends, and supporters.

A Family Man at Heart

Beyond his professional pursuits, JB Mauney is wholeheartedly committed to his family. He enjoys a blissful marriage with Samantha Lyne, and together, they are nurturing two wonderful children. Their familial connection is resolute, providing unwavering support for one another as they navigate the highs and lows of life.

Inspiring Others

JB Mauney’s narrative is a testament to resilience and unwavering dedication. From his astounding achievements in bull riding to his adept handling of personal life’s obstacles, he persists in motivating others with his extraordinary voyage. Throughout this journey, Mauney remains down-to-earth, treasuring the love and backing of his family, all the while making an enduring impact on the realm of bull riding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What notable accomplishments can be attributed to JB Mauney?

A: JB Mauney has won the 2013 PBR World Championship and holds the title of the all-time leader in career earnings for bull riding.

Q: How does JB Mauney manage the balance between his personal life and career?

A: JB Mauney relies on the support of his wife, Samantha Lyne, and they understand the demands of each other’s careers, providing unwavering support in pursuing their dreams.

Q: What strategies has JB Mauney employed to overcome obstacles in his career?

A: JB Mauney has displayed incredible resilience and determination, notably recovering from a concussion in 2022, highlighting his unwavering commitment to the sport.

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