Who is Jarred Kelenic’s Significant Other? Revealing Details About Jarred Kelenic’s Spouse

Jarred Kelenic and Gina Muzi: A Love Story

Jarred Kelenic and Gina Muzi

News: The romantic relationship between Seattle Mariners outfielder, Jarred Kelenic, and Gina Muzi has piqued the curiosity of many. Jarred’s promising baseball career and Gina’s academic endeavors have drawn attention. Nevertheless, it’s worth noting that Gina is currently Jarred’s girlfriend, not his wife.

An Unexpected Meeting

Their romantic journey started back in 2018 when Jarred, a standout baseball player at the University of Louisville, and Gina Muzi, a dedicated soccer enthusiast attending the University of Portland, first crossed paths. The chemistry between them was unmistakable, and they have remained inseparable ever since. The official milestone of their relationship took place when they shared their first picture together on February 11, 2019.

Gina Muzi’s Background

Gina Muzi originates from Delafield, Wisconsin, and her deep-seated love for sports became apparent during her soccer years at Kettle Moraine High School. She carried on her athletic pursuits by playing soccer at the University of Portland. Presently, Gina is pursuing a degree in Fashion Merchandising at St. John’s University in the bustling metropolis of Queens, New York City.

Milestones in Their Relationship

Jarred and Gina have shared numerous significant moments in their relationship. Besides the memorable photo they took on February 11, 2019, the couple has also been spotted together at the 2019 MLB All-Star Game. These occasions underscore the strong and enduring bond they have built.

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A Timeless Love

As of 2023, Jarred Kelenic and Gina Muzi continue to share a deep and enduring love. They steadfastly support each other through life’s challenges and joys, with Gina serving as a constant pillar of strength, particularly during Jarred’s recent battles with injuries.

Conquering Adversity

In July 2023, Jarred endured a fractured foot, which necessitated several weeks of recovery on the sidelines. Nevertheless, bolstered by Gina’s steadfast support, Jarred is anticipated to make a triumphant return to the Mariners lineup in the near future.

An Inspirational Love Story

The relationship between Jarred Kelenic and Gina Muzi serves as a prime example of commitment and love, not only in the world of sports but also in their personal lives. Despite the hurdles they’ve encountered, their story stands as an inspiration to many.


1. When did Jarred Kelenic and Gina Muzi start dating?

 They began their romantic journey in 2018.

2. Where is Gina Muzi currently studying?

Gina is currently studying Fashion Merchandising at St. John’s University in Queens, New York City.

3. What injury did Jarred Kelenic sustain in 2023?

 Jarred Kelenic suffered a fractured foot in July 2023.

4. Is Gina Muzi Jarred Kelenic’s wife?

No, Gina Muzi is Jarred Kelenic’s girlfriend.

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