Who Is Dino Kelly In Alexander? What His Character In The Film?

Talented Actor in “Alexander: The Making of a God”

Talented Actor in Alexander: The Making of a God

News: Uncover the skilled performer embodying the role of Ptolemy in the documentary series “Alexander: The Making of a God.” Watch as he commands attention, infusing authenticity and fascination into the depiction of one of Alexander’s most relied-upon generals.

Meet Dino Kelly, a Versatile British Actor

British actor Dino Kelly, recognized for his roles in acclaimed series such as Peaky Blinders and Silent Witness, as well as his upcoming film Cliffs of Freedom, is embracing the noteworthy character of Ptolemy in the Netflix series. Through his captivating portrayal, Kelly has garnered acclaim for infusing depth and authenticity into the role, skillfully capturing the essence of one of Alexander’s most trusted military officers.

Exploring the Dynamic between Ptolemy and Alexander

Within “Alexander: The Making of a God,” the series delves into the fascinating interplay between Ptolemy and Alexander, hinting at a profound connection that surpasses mere military camaraderie. The storyline proposes the possibility of romantic feelings harbored by Ptolemy towards Alexander, introducing a nuanced layer of complexity to the character. Dino Kelly’s rendition skillfully emphasizes the emotional depth infused into the role, further enhancing the compelling nature of the character.

Ptolemy’s Crucial Role in History

As the series unfolds, audiences observe Ptolemy’s pivotal role in the aftermath of Alexander’s demise. Stepping into leadership, he is crowned Ptolemy I and subsequently governs Egypt for an extended period, imprinting a lasting influence on history. This portrayal not only underscores Ptolemy’s crucial position in the historical narrative but also accentuates the skill of Dino Kelly in vividly breathing life into this central character.

About Dino Kelly

Dino Kelly, alternatively recognized as Dino Keljalic, is a 27-year-old British actor hailing from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Growing up in Norway amidst the Yugoslav War, Kelly boasts a diverse career that spans various facets of the entertainment industry, including notable voice acting contributions such as portraying the character Trundle in the film “Hilda and the Mountain King.” Having completed his studies at the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art (RADA) in 2015, he has since left an indelible mark in the realms of television, film, and theater, showcasing his considerable versatility.

Success in the Entertainment and Gaming Industries

Beyond his achievements in acting, Dino Kelly has left an imprint on the entertainment and gaming realms. His voice contributions to popular video games, including the acclaimed Demon’s Souls, have solidified his reputation as a versatile artist. As of 2024, Dino’s estimated net worth ranges from $2 to $4 million, a testament to his talent and versatility, earning him continued recognition and success in the industry.

Experience the Extraordinary Life of Alexander the Great

Set against the backdrop of Alexander the Great’s extraordinary life as the King of Macedon, “Alexander: The Making of a God” unravels the narrative of his remarkable journey. The series vividly portrays his rapid ascent, depicting him as one of history’s most esteemed military commanders. Emphasizing his strategic brilliance and audacious approach to warfare, the narrative unfolds Alexander’s triumphant rise. By the age of 30, he had successfully carved out a colossal empire, cementing his legacy as an unparalleled and formidable leader.

Access the Captivating Series on Netflix

The docu-series meticulously retraces Alexander’s journey, employing re-enactments to vividly portray pivotal moments and conflicts that have indelibly shaped history. “Alexander: The Making of a God” is exclusively available on Netflix, providing viewers with the convenience of streaming this captivating historical series at their own pace.

Dino Kelly’s portrayal of Ptolemy in “Alexander: The Making of a God” adds depth and authenticity to the character, showcasing his talent as an actor. The docu-series offers a compelling exploration of Alexander the Great’s life and accomplishments, allowing viewers to immerse themselves in the story of one of history’s most revered military leaders. With its accessibility on Netflix, audiences can easily engage with and enjoy this enthralling series.


Q: What other projects has Dino Kelly worked on?

A: Dino Kelly is known for his work in popular shows like Peaky Blinders and Silent Witness, as well as the upcoming film Cliffs of Freedom.

Q: Where can I watch “Alexander: The Making of a God”?

A: “Alexander: The Making of a God” is exclusively available on Netflix.

Q: What is the estimated net worth of Dino Kelly?

A: Dino Kelly has an estimated net worth of $2 to $4 million in 2024.

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