Where to Get & Find Clay in Enshrouded?

Where to Get & Find Clay in Enshrouded?

Enshrouded Clay Guide

News: Enshrouded features multiple clay-rich locations, including areas near Revelwood and the Spire. Additionally, clay and copper ore can be discovered together near the Mark Of Sameth. Given the crucial role of clay in crafting diverse items within Enshrouded, understanding its acquisition and versatile applications is essential.

Creating the Kiln

In Enshrouded, a primary application of clay is in the construction of the Kiln, a crucial crafting station facilitating the creation of various items. Crafting the Kiln requires 10 Lumps of Clay, which can be produced at the Carpenter. Ensure you have sufficient resources to craft these clay lumps for the successful creation of the Kiln.

Crafting Fired Bricks

After obtaining the Kiln, you can further utilize clay to craft Fired Bricks. Each Fired Brick necessitates one lump of clay in the crafting process. These bricks serve versatile purposes, including the construction of buildings and the creation of advanced items.

Progression in the Game

Clay extends its significance beyond the creation of the Kiln and Fired Bricks; it plays a pivotal role in advancing through the game. As you progress and gain access to higher-tier materials, clay becomes essential for crafting these advanced resources.

In summary, clay stands as a crucial resource in Enshrouded, with specific locations hosting its availability. It serves in crafting the Kiln, Fired Bricks, and other advanced items. Ensure you accumulate an ample supply of clay to progress in the game and unlock higher-tier materials for crafting.


Q: In Enshrouded, where should I look for clay?

A: Clay is abundant near Revelwood, the Spire, and the Mark Of Sameth, where it can be found alongside copper ore.

Q: What is the purpose of clay in Enshrouded?

A: Clay plays a crucial role in crafting the Kiln and Fired Bricks, essential items for progressing in the game and creating other necessary items.

Q: How much clay is required to make the Kiln in Enshrouded?

A: To craft the Kiln, you’ll need 10 Lumps Of Clay, which can be created at the Carpenter’s station.

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