What Year Did Jerry Jones Make His Iconic Purchase of the Cowboys? Exploring the Continuing Legacy

Jerry Jones: The Visionary Owner Behind the Dallas Cowboys

What Year Did Jerry Jones Make His Iconic Purchase of the Cowboys? Exploring the Continuing Legacy

News: Back in 1989, Jerry Jones made a groundbreaking decision that reshaped the course of the Dallas Cowboys franchise. He acquired the team for $140 million, a pivotal move for a franchise that had been grappling with financial difficulties, facing monthly losses of approximately $1 million.

A History of Achievements

Under Jerry Jones’ ownership, the Dallas Cowboys enjoyed rapid success. In his initial seven years at the helm, he steered the team to three Super Bowl championships, an unprecedented feat in NFL history. This exceptional on-field performance also had a substantial impact on the overall value of the franchise.

The Premier Sports Franchise in Terms of Value

The Dallas Cowboys currently hold an astonishing value of $8 billion, securing their position as the most valuable sports franchise globally. This extraordinary value stands as a testament to Jerry Jones’ strategic acumen and forward-thinking vision. His proficiency in navigating diverse business sectors, including energy, entertainment, and real estate, has played a significant role in his estimated net worth, which stands at an impressive $13.4 billion.

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Transforming the NFL Landscape

Jerry Jones’ innovative strategies have transformed the revenue model of the NFL. His astute business acumen has not only propelled the financial success of the Cowboys but has also elevated the league to a global industry pinnacle. Jones’ influence extends well beyond the confines of the Cowboys, leaving an indelible mark on the broader landscape of the NFL as a whole.

A Polarizing Employment Track Record

While Jerry Jones has achieved remarkable success, he has also faced criticism for the absence of diversity in his coaching hires. During his ownership, the Cowboys have not appointed a Black head coach. Nevertheless, Jones asserts that his foremost criterion is to choose the most qualified candidate, irrespective of their racial background.

In summary, Jerry Jones’ purchase of the Dallas Cowboys in 1989 for $140 million has left an indelible mark on both the team and the NFL at large. His visionary leadership and business prowess have elevated the Cowboys to a global sports juggernaut. With three Super Bowl titles and a valuation of $8 billion, Jones’ achievements with the Cowboys are a testament to his success. While there are concerns regarding diversity in coaching hires, there’s no denying his substantial contributions to the team and the league.


Q: Has Jerry Jones ever hired a Black head coach for the Cowboys?

A: No, throughout his ownership, the Cowboys have not had a Black head coach. Jones has emphasized selecting the most qualified candidate for the role, regardless of race.

Q: What is the current value of the Dallas Cowboys?

A: The Dallas Cowboys are currently valued at an astonishing $8 billion.

Q: How has Jerry Jones revolutionized the NFL?

A: Jones’ innovative approaches have transformed the NFL’s revenue model, positioning the league as a global industry leader.

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