West Bengal Lockdown E Pass

West Bengal Entry pass can be applied online. For within-district travel, apply for an interdistrict pass while for traveling to other districts, apply for a WB Intradistrict movement pass. After applying online, an applicant can download a copy of the issued lockdown pass.

Amid the second wave of the Corona, the entire nation has been in partial and complete lockdowns. However, all the state governments have started issuing E Pass to commute for various purposes. Using these lockdown passes, the citizens can commute for various purposes like weddings, funerals, and other personal emergencies. Similarly, the West Bengal State Government is also issuing E Pass WB for its citizens for inter and intra district travel. The government has also initiated the registration for lockdown passes on the official portal of wb.gov.in.

E Pass WB | West Bengal Lock Down Pass Apply

West bengal government has recently extended the lockdown till 1st July. Although there are various relaxations, still the citizens are advised to adhere the new extended lockdown guidelines.

This article explains the online process to apply for the Inter/Intra District E Pass WB, Entry Pass Booking, Registration Form 2021 on the official portal.

How to Apply WB Inter State Entry Pass Booking

Let us see the online process to apply for the Inter-State Entry Pass Booking on the official portal.

  • Visit the Official Portal of wb.gov.in.
  • It lands the online applicants on the Home Page.
  • Click on the Inter-District Travel link on the page screen.
  • It takes the online applicant to the registration form below.

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WB Lockdown E Pass Online Registration Form 2021

  • Enter the Mobile Number and Click on the Get OTP.
  • It then generates the OTP to the Registered Mobile Number.
  • The applicants should copy the OTP from the mobile, paste it into the respective field, and click on the validate button.
  • Enter/Select the Full Name of the Applicant, Sex, Age, Email ID, Identity Document Type, Document Number, Travel Originating Date, Self-Driving, Journey Type, and Reason for Journey.
  • Also, upload the proof of Reason. Please remember the document should be less than 1 MB in size.
  • Under the Source Address, Select/Enter the State, District, Pin Code, Police Station, and Post Office.
  • Under the Destination Address, Enter/Select the Vehicle Registration Number, Vehicle Type, Vehicle Model, and Total Number of Seats in the Vehicle.
  • Under the Driver Details, Enter/Select the Driver Name, Sex, Age, and Driving License Number.
  • Under the Co-Passenger, Enter/Select the Passenger Name, Sex, Age, and Identification Document Number.
  • Verify all the details entered on the form.
  • Click on all the checkboxes and finally click on the Submit button.
  • It then successfully registers the application and generates an E-Pass for the applicant.

Apply WB Entry Pass Booking for Intra District Movement

Let us see the online application procedure for online pass booking for intrastate movement in West Bengal.

  • Visit the Official Portal and Click on the Intra District Travel Link on the home page.
  • It takes the online applicant to the registration form below.
  • Please remember that the online application form filling process is the same as the inter-state movement.
  • You should enter the Mobile Number for OTP, Personal Details, Source Address, Destination Address, Vehicle Details, Driver Details, and Co-Passenger Details.
  • Verify all the details and click on the submit button.
  • It then successfully registers the application and generates an E-Pass for the applicant.

Download Lockdown Pass West Bengal @wb.gov.in

After applying online, you will be issued movement pass. You can download the pass and take the print out.

E Pass WB FAQs

What is the main objective of introducing E-Pass for the citizens in the states?

The motto of introducing the E-Pass for the citizens is to provide them access to commute inter and intra district during the restricted hours in the lockdown for various purposes.

Who can apply for the E Pass WB in the West Bengal State?

Any citizens willing to travel for weddings, funerals, and other emergency purposes can apply for the E Pass in the West Bengal state.

Where can the applicants apply for the inter and intra district pass in the West Bengal State?

The citizens can visit the official portal wb.gov.in and apply for the inter and intra district pass in the West Bengal state.

Do the applicants need to upload any documents while applying for the E-Pass in West Bengal?

Yes, the applicants should upload the Proof of Reason online on the portal while registering for E Pass.

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