Valorant 8.02 Patch Notes: New Updates, Bug Fixes & Many More

Valorant Update 8.02 Patch Notes: Enhancing Your Gaming Experience

Valorant Update 8.02 Patch Notes: Enhancing Your Gaming Experience

News: Riot Games’ Valorant, a well-received free-to-play first-person tactical hero shooter, has amassed a devoted fan base since its June 2020 debut. This popularity stems from its distinctive blend of elements from the Counter-Strike series and hero-centric gameplay.

This piece delves into the recent developments introduced in the 8.02 Patch of Valorant. These changes encompass improvements to agents, cosmetic additions, and bug resolutions. Additionally, we will delve into the overhauled Esports Hub, offering players a comprehensive resource for competitive scene details and tournament updates.

Agent Updates

In the realm of Valorant, the playable agent Viper has undergone an art update for her Poison Cloud grenade (Q). This enhancement is designed to elevate the visual experience of the ability, creating a more immersive atmosphere for players. Furthermore, the visuals associated with the Decay debuff have undergone refinement to offer clearer and more discernible indications.

Cosmetics Updates

Valorant’s sought-after cosmetic item, the Snakebite Shorty, has undergone an art update to elevate its visual appeal. This enhancement contributes to an improved overall aesthetic of the weapon, providing players with a more visually pleasing and enjoyable gaming experience.

Esports Features

Riot Games has enhanced Valorant’s thriving esports scene with the introduction of a revamped Esports Hub for VCT 2024. This upgraded hub comes with new and improved features, offering players a comprehensive resource to stay informed about the entire VCT format and track their favorite teams across the four International Leagues.

Kicking off with VCT Americas on February 16th, followed by VCT Pacific, EMEA, and China, the competitive excitement unfolds. The Esports Hub introduces global events like VCT Masters Madrid, enriching the viewing experience with enhanced tournament visualizations and brackets as the season progresses.

Featuring a live tag and filterable schedule page, the Esports Hub ensures players are well-informed about upcoming matches. players can directly access official streams from within the client, ensuring they never miss any of the exhilarating esports action.

Bug Fixes

Gameplay Systems

In the latest update, Riot Games has tackled a bug in the killfeed, rectifying an issue where the numbering was inaccurate when area-of-effect abilities resulted in multiple kills. This fix ensures players now receive precise information in the killfeed, enhancing their ability to track in-game events more effectively.

A bug related to the Auto Re-Enter Scope setting has been addressed. The setting was not updating correctly, but with this fix, Riot Games ensures a smooth gaming experience for players, free from disruptions or glitches.

Player Behavior

Riot Games has resolved a player behavior-related issue in Valorant’s Update 8.02 Patch. to the Terms of This bug fix ensures that players now have access to correctly localized information, promoting better clarity and understanding of the game’s rules and regulations.

Beyond addressing player behavior concerns, Valorant’s Update 8.02 Patch brings forth a range of exciting changes to enhance the overall gaming experience. From visual upgrades for Viper’s Poison Cloud and the Decay debuff to aesthetic improvements for the Snakebite Shorty, players can indulge in an enriched visual landscape.

The overhauled Esports Hub offers a comprehensive resource for tournament information, enabling players to stay abreast of the competitive scene. bug fixes targeting gameplay systems and player behavior contribute to a smoother and more enjoyable overall gaming experience.


Q: What other agents have received updates in Valorant’s Update 8.02 Patch?

A: Only Viper has received an art update for her Poison Cloud grenade (Q). Other agents have not been updated in this patch.

Q: Are there any other cosmetic items that have been updated in this patch?

A: Yes, the Snakebite Shorty has also received an art update, improving its overall aesthetics.

Q: Can I access the Esports Hub within the game client?

A: Yes, you can directly access the Esports Hub from within the game client to stay updated on the competitive scene and watch official streams.

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