Tower of Fantasy Support Points

Tower Of Fantasy Support Points: A Guide to the In-Game Currency

Tower Of Fantasy Support Points

News: Tower of Fantasy, a creation of Hotta Studio and published by Level Infinite, stands as a beloved open-world MMORPG that seamlessly fuses anime-inspired sci-fi adventures. Available to a global audience, it caters to both PC and mobile gamers on Android and iOS platforms. An intriguing facet of the game that may bewilder newcomers is its extensive assortment of in-game currencies and resources. In this article, we will delve into the concept of Tower of Fantasy support points, providing insight into their purpose, limits, and methods for acquiring them.

Tower of Fantasy Support Points

Tower of Fantasy Support Points are earned when players team up with new or returning participants. These points are designed to offer support and positive experiences for newcomers to the game. Moreover, players can utilize these points to buy a limited quantity of nuclei and other materials from the Support Store.

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Tower of Fantasy Support Store

The Tower of Fantasy support store offers a variety of items that can be obtained using support points. Some of these items include:

  • Gardener: A character or item that aids in gardening-related activities within the game.
  • Holiday Fun: Special events or activities that add a festive touch to the gameplay experience.
  • Joint Supply Chip 1: A chip that enhances the supply capabilities of the player’s team.
  • Black Nucleus: A valuable resource used for crafting and upgrading purposes.
  • Gold: The primary currency in the game that is used for various transactions and purchases.
  • Firecore: A core element with fire attributes, often used in crafting fire-related weapons or abilities.
  • Icecore: A core element with ice attributes, commonly utilized for crafting ice-based equipment or spells.
  • Magcore: A core element with magical properties, essential for creating magical items or casting spells.
  • Rockcore: A core element with earth attributes, used in the crafting of earth-based weapons or defenses.

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In summary, Tower of Fantasy Support Points are integral for assisting and resourcing players, particularly those who are new to the game. The extensive variety of items in the support store enhances the depth and customization of the gameplay experience. By comprehending the purpose, limits, and methods for obtaining support points, players can fully leverage this distinctive in-game currency system. So, embark on your journey into the world of Tower of Fantasy, uncover its mysteries, and harness the potential of support points to your advantage.


Q: What are Tower of Fantasy Support Points?

A: Tower of Fantasy Support Points are points that players can acquire by joining a team with new or returning participants. They provide support and beneficial encounters for beginners in the game.

Q: How can I use Tower of Fantasy Support Points?

A: Tower of Fantasy Support Points can be used to purchase limited amounts of nuclei and other materials from the Support Store.

Q: What items can I obtain from the Tower of Fantasy Support Store?

A: The Tower of Fantasy Support Store offers a variety of items, including the Gardener, Holiday Fun events, Joint Supply Chips, Black Nucleus, Gold, Firecore, Icecore, Magcore, and Rockcore.

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