Tower of Fantasy Supply Pods

Tower of Fantasy Supply Pods Guide

Tower of Fantasy Supply Pods Guide

About Tower of Fantasy

News: Tower of Fantasy is a captivating MMORPG that seamlessly merges anime and sci-fi components. Crafted by Hotta Studio and brought to you by Level Infinite, this expansive open-world adventure is accessible on a global scale for both PC and mobile platforms, including Android and iOS.

Exploring Supply Pods in Tower of Fantasy

Within Tower of Fantasy, a thrilling aspect lies in the scattered supply pods throughout the game world. These pods conceal precious items and resources crucial for advancing in the game. This guide delves into the Astra region of Tower of Fantasy, revealing the precise locations of all 26 concealed Astra supply pods.

Finding Supply Pods in the Astra Region

During your exploration of new territories within Tower of Fantasy, it’s essential to be vigilant for spherical objects on the minimap, denoting the existence of supply pods. As you draw near these pods, you can acquire their contents through straightforward interactions. It’s worth mentioning that certain supply pods might either be obstructed or governed by a timer, contingent on the game’s starting time. In these instances, you can return to the location once the timer has run its course to lay claim to the pod.

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Hidden Astra Supply Pods in the Astra Region

Within the Astra region of Tower of Fantasy, a grand total of 48 supply pods are scattered for discovery. Among these, 22 are situated within the Small and Named Strongholds, while the remaining 26 remain concealed and unaffiliated with any particular location. Locating all of these clandestine Astra supply pods can prove to be a formidable challenge without the aid of a guide.

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Locations of Hidden Astra Supply Pods

With the assistance of this guide, you will gain the ability to pinpoint the precise positions of all the covert Astra supply pods in Tower of Fantasy. It is crucial to mark these locations diligently, ensuring you don’t overlook the invaluable resources and items they contain, ultimately enhancing your gaming experience.

  • 00:26 | Supply Pod 1
  • 01:01 | Supply Pod 2
  • 01:48 | Supply Pod 3
  • 02:34 | Supply Pod 4
  • 03:18 | Supply Pod 5
  • 03:46 | Supply Pod 6
  • 04:04 | Supply Pod 7
  • 04:39 | Supply Pod 8
  • 05:14 | Supply Pod 9
  • 05:55 | Supply Pod 10
  • 06:55 | Supply Pod 11
  • 07:28 | Supply Pod 12
  • 07:58 | Supply Pod 13
  • 08:57 | Supply Pod 14
  • 09:29 | Supply Pod 15
  • 09:47 | Supply Pod 16
  • 10:19 | Supply Pod 17
  • 10:53 | Supply Pod 18
  • 11:35 | Supply Pod 19
  • 12:09 | Supply Pod 20
  • 12:36 | Supply Pod 21
  • 13:00 | Supply Pod 22
  • 13:36 | Supply Pod 23
  • 14:02 | Supply Pod 24
  • 14:50 | Supply Pod 25
  • 15:22 | Supply Pod 26

In conclusion, Tower of Fantasy offers an immersive MMORPG experience with the added thrill of searching for hidden supply pods. By utilizing our guide and exploring the Tower of Fantasy Astra region, you’ll be well-equipped to find all 26 hidden Astra supply pods and reap the rewards they offer. Happy hunting!


1. What are supply pods in Tower of Fantasy?

Supply pods in Tower of Fantasy are scattered throughout the game world and contain valuable items and resources that can aid your progress in the game.

2. How do I claim the contents of a supply pod?

You can claim the contents of a supply pod in Tower of Fantasy by simply interacting with it.

3. Can blocked or timed supply pods be claimed later?

Yes, if a supply pod is blocked or has a timer on top of it, you can revisit the location once the timer has expired to claim the pod.

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