The Reasons Behind Tyra Banks’ AGT Departure

Tyra Banks: The Mystery Behind Her Departure from AGT

Tyra Banks: The Mystery Behind Her Departure from AGT

News: In 2017, Tyra Banks, the renowned supermodel and TV personality, stepped into the hosting role of America’s Got Talent (AGT). Yet, after merely two seasons, she surprised everyone by choosing to depart the show, leaving many to wonder about the motivations behind her decision. Even now, the real cause of her exit remains shrouded in mystery.

Shifting Our Perspective

By December 2018, industry whispers started spreading, suggesting that Tyra was redirecting her attention from hosting AGT towards a career in TV production. This shift wasn’t sudden; her burgeoning interest in producing and acting projects had been increasingly apparent. While she did express her appreciation for her time hosting AGT, her excitement for forthcoming ventures with her production company was unmistakable.

An Ambiguous Departure

Tyra’s departure from AGT was far from a straightforward affair. The introduction of actor Terry Crews as her replacement only further fueled the confusion. Amidst the numerous speculations, AGT maintained a conspicuous silence, allowing a plethora of theories and rumors to flourish.

A potential factor behind Tyra’s departure centers on a lawsuit filed by a former AGT contestant in 2017, accusing Tyra of racial discrimination. Despite the lawsuit being subsequently dismissed, murmurs continued to circulate regarding its influence on Tyra’s choice to exit AGT.

Self-Initiated Exit

Tyra, however, underscored that her departure from AGT was a voluntary decision. Her words conveyed a strong sense of resolve and self-confidence, leading many to believe that it was a carefully thought-out move on her part.

Dropping Ratings and Production Challenges

Another factor that could have played a role in Tyra’s decision is the ratings during her tenure as the host of AGT. There was a noticeable decline in ratings, experiencing a 10% drop, which might have made her departure more comprehensible. Moreover, production problems, including the disqualification of a contestant, added further complications to her association with the show.

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A Consistent Trend Unveils

Interestingly, AGT wasn’t the sole high-profile show from which Tyra parted ways. In 2022, she also bid adieu to “Dancing With the Stars” after three seasons. The motives behind both of these departures continue to be veiled in mystery, but the recurring patterns undeniably pique curiosity.

An Outstanding Inquiry

In summary, the question of “why did Tyra Banks leave AGT” leaves us with more questions than answers. While Tyra continues to pursue her passion projects and maintains her influence, the quest to unveil the genuine reasons behind her departure from AGT remains ongoing.


Q: Was Tyra Banks forced to leave AGT due to a lawsuit?

A: While a lawsuit alleging racial discrimination was filed against Tyra, it was later dismissed. Tyra maintains that her departure from AGT was voluntary.

Q: Did Tyra’s declining ratings contribute to her decision to leave AGT?

A: The decline in ratings during Tyra’s tenure as host might have played a role in her decision, as she aims to explore other opportunities.

Q: Are there any similarities between Tyra’s departure from AGT and Dancing With the Stars?

A: Yes, Tyra also left Dancing With the Stars after three seasons, further adding to the intrigue surrounding her exits from high-profile shows.

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