The First Descendant Credits

The First Descendant Credits: Unlocking New Adventures and Enhancing Gaming Experience

The First Descendant Credits: Unlocking New Adventures and Enhancing Gaming Experience

News: In the universe of The First Descendant, a third-person looter shooter game crafted by NAT Games and distributed by Nexon, credits hold a pivotal position. These in-game currency tokens serve as the gateway to unlocking fresh adventures and elevating the overall gaming experience. Whether it’s the pursuit of extraordinary descendants, each possessing distinct abilities, the acquisition of valuable items, or the reinforcement of gaming strategies, The First Descendant credits open up a myriad of thrilling possibilities for players to explore and enjoy.

Understanding The First Descendant Credits

Within The First Descendant, credits act as a virtual currency that bestows access to a plethora of in-game features and items. Players have the opportunity to amass these credits through diverse avenues, including mission fulfillment, enemy conquests, embarking on treasure hunts, reaping additional rewards by viewing advertisements, and skillfully handling their inventory. The significance of these credits cannot be overstated, as they empower players to unlock fresh characters boasting unique abilities and playstyles, thereby enhancing the overall gaming experience with increased interest and enjoyment.

Utilizing The First Descendant Credits

The utility of The First Descendant credits goes beyond just unlocking fresh characters. These credits can be applied within the in-game store, allowing players to procure crucial items, weapons, and fascinating artifacts. With these valuable resources in hand, players can elevate their gaming experience, delving deeper into the game’s virtual world and boosting their gameplay. The credits in The First Descendant contribute a delightful dimension of enjoyment and immersion to the overall gaming journey.

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Earning The First Descendant Credits

Players have several avenues for earning credits in The First Descendant. Here are some methods to accumulate credits:

  1. Completing Missions: Successfully completing missions rewards players with credits. As players embark on adventurous quests, their achievements are generously acknowledged with credits.
  2. Defeating Enemies: Winning battles not only progresses the players but also grants them credits. Encouraging players to improve their combat skills, defeating enemies becomes a rewarding experience.
  3. Exploring The World: The detailed world of The First Descendant is filled with hidden surprises. As players explore different areas and uncover secrets, they may stumble upon credit rewards, providing an extra incentive for the adventurous players.
  4. Watching Ads: Watching ads within the game can earn players additional credits. This effortless method allows players to acquire more credits and improve their in-game resources.
  5. Salvaging Items: Being resourceful in The First Descendant is advantageous. Players can salvage unwanted or unused items, converting them into valuable credits that can enhance their overall gaming experience.

Free Acquisition of The First Descendant Credits

In The First Descendant, players can obtain credits without the need to spend actual currency. A wide range of in-game actions opens up opportunities for credit acquisition, including mission completion, enemy vanquishing, exploration of diverse locations, viewing advertisements, and item salvaging. Additionally, dedicated daily play and the accomplishment of bonus objectives can lead to the gradual accumulation of free credits. By consistently leveraging these approaches, players can steadily amass credits, enabling them to unlock new descendants and obtain coveted in-game items. For those intrigued, Albion’s magister, Anais, offers character research and unlocking services.

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Spending The First Descendant Credits Wisely

The First Descendant credits can be spent on a range of in-game items and features, enriching the gaming experience. Here are some ways players can utilize their hard-earned credits:

  1. Unlocking New Descendants: Credits serve as a ticket to fresh experiences within the game. Players can use their credits to research and unlock new descendants, each possessing unique abilities and playstyles. Unlocking these special characters requires a specific amount of credits and the necessary materials.
  2. Purchasing Items From The Shop: The in-game shop provides access to valuable items that enhance the gaming adventure. Instead of gold, credits are the currency used for these transactions. Players can use their credits to acquire various items, including powerful weapons and rare artifacts, making gameplay even more exciting.
  3. Upgrading Descendants: Players can spend their credits wisely to enhance the abilities of unlocked descendants, making them even more formidable in battle. As the saying goes, “With great power comes great responsibility.”
  4. Acquiring Premium Currency: During special events or promotions, players may have the opportunity to exchange their credits for premium currency, such as Caliber. This strategic move can provide players with additional advantages or exclusive items.

Credits in The First Descendant play a pivotal role in enhancing the gaming experience, offering players access to new adventures and enriching their overall gameplay. By accomplishing missions, conquering foes, embarking on explorations, viewing advertisements, and salvaging items, players can amass credits without the need for real-money transactions. These credits can be invested in unlocking fresh descendants, procuring valuable items, enhancing character abilities, and even acquiring premium currency. The First Descendant’s credits bestow upon players a versatile and captivating gaming journey, opening the door to a multitude of thrilling opportunities within the game.


Q: How can I earn The First Descendant credits?

A: The First Descendant credits can be earned by completing missions, defeating enemies, exploring the world, watching ads, and salvaging items.

Q: Can I acquire The First Descendant credits without spending real money?

A: Yes, players can earn credits through various in-game activities and consistent gameplay, allowing them to unlock new descendants and acquire desired in-game items.

Q: How should I spend The First Descendant credits?

A: The credits can be spent on unlocking new descendants, purchasing items from the shop, upgrading character abilities, and acquiring premium currency.

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