The Cycle Frontier Keys: Tall & Loose House Janitor Skeleton

The Cycle: Frontier Keys

The Cycle: Frontier Keys

News: The Cycle: Frontier is a free-to-play first-person shooter video game developed by Yager Development. It offers a unique gameplay experience as a “PvEvP” game, combining player versus environment and player versus player elements.

What Are The Cycle: Frontier Keys?

The Cycle: Frontier Keys are items that players use to unlock rooms in the game, which contain valuable loot. Each room requires a specific key and offers different types of loot. Multiple types of keys are available in The Cycle: Frontier, and each key can be used multiple times.

How to Obtain The Cycle: Frontier Keys

The keys can be found throughout the map in The Cycle: Frontier. Players are likely to come across them in common places such as desks, jackets, and safes. These keys are randomly scattered across the map, and each area within the map has its own specific set of keys.

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How to Use The Cycle: Frontier Keys

To use a key in The Cycle: Frontier, players must first locate a key that randomly spawns in different areas of the map. Once a key is found, players can proceed to the room they wish to unlock. They can use the key to open the door and gain access to the loot inside. Players can open and close the door multiple times using the same key. However, it is important to avoid dying in the game, as death results in the loss of all keys. Players can store their keys in safe places or in their inventory for safekeeping.

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The Cycle: Frontier Keys Locations

The Cycle: Frontier offers a variety of keys, each with its specific location within the game. Here are some examples:

  • Loose House Key: Found in the Favela region of the Crescent Falls.
  • Tall House Key: Located in the Woodcutter Camp in the Bright Sands.
  • Janitor’s Key: Can be found anywhere in Crescent Falls and Bright Sands, but can only be used in the Starport Admin Basement.
  • Skeleton Key: Available in the building south of the Swamp Camp, near a large skeleton.
  • Garage Office Key: Found in the Green’s Prospect area, to the left of the giant trucks inside the garage.
  • Overseer’s Office Key: Located in Nutrion Farm Processing, opening a room on the upper floor to the top right side of the building.
  • Bar Storage Key: Found in the Armory KeyJungle Camp.

Different Types of Keys in The Cycle: Frontier

There are several different types of keys in The Cycle: Frontier, each represented by a specific color band. Some examples include:

  • Loose House Key
  • Tall House Key
  • Janitor’s Key
  • Skeleton Key
  • Garage Office Key
  • Overseer’s Office Key
  • Bar Storage Key

The Cycle: Frontier provides an exciting gaming experience with its unique gameplay elements. Keys are essential for unlocking rooms filled with valuable loot. By exploring different areas of the map, players can find various types of keys that grant access to specific rooms and their unique loot. Gather the necessary keys, unlock the rooms, and enjoy the rewards based on their rarity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I obtain keys in The Cycle: Frontier?

A: Keys can be found throughout the map in The Cycle: Frontier, commonly in places like desks, jackets, and safes.

Q: Can I use the same key multiple times?

A: Yes, each key can be used multiple times, but it can only unlock one door at a time.

Q: What happens if I die in The Cycle: Frontier?

A: If you die in the game, you will lose all your keys. It is important to avoid dying to retain your keys.

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