Telangana MLC Voter Registration 2020,Apply Online, Form [email protected]

Register Now for Telangana MLC Voter Registration 2020, Apply Online, Form 18

Along with the Assembly and Parliament Elections, the state governments also nominate the MLC Elections candidates. However, the MLC Elections are slightly different from the Assembly and Parliament Elections in the process ans procedure. Only the citizens who have completed their three years of graduation are eligible to vote in the MLC Elections irrespective of the state. Moreover, the election commissions of the states have made the MLC Voter Registration Process Online.

Similarly, the Telangana State Chief Election Commission has also made the process online, in which the citizens of the state can register their votes online on the portal.

Telangana MLC Voter Registration 2020, Apply Online, Form 18

This article explains to you about the Telangana MLC Voter Registration 2020,Eligibility Criteria, MLC Voter Registration Schedule 2020, Apply Online on the official Chief Election Commission Telangana website.

MLC Voter Registration Schedule 2020

Start Date of Voter Registration 01 October 2020
Last Date of Voter Registration in Form-18 06 November 2020
Draft voter list released 01 December 2020
Final Voter List Released 18 January 2020

Eligibility Criteria for MLC Voter Registration

Let us see the eligibility criteria for getting eligible for the MLC Registration.

  • The applicant must be a resident of local constituency.
  • The applicant must have qualified in a minimum of 3 years of graduation by 01 November 2020.
  • Former Graduates are also eligible to re-apply.

How to Apply Online for Telangana MLC Voter [email protected]

Let us see the online procedure to apply for the Telangana MLC Voter Registration Schedule.

  • Visit the official website of Telangana CEO.
  • It takes the applicant to the Home Page.
  • Click on the E-Registration, and select the Form-18 from the Council Constituency from the Menu.
  • On the Home, in the menu bar, click on the Form-18.
  • It then redirects the online applicant to the Form-18 Registration Page
Telangana MLC Voter Registration
  • Enter the Graduate Constituency and District.
  • In the Applicant Details Section, Enter the Name of the Applicant, Surname, Name of the Relative of the Applicant, Surname of Relative of Applicant, Type of Relation.
  • Enter the Gender and Date of Birth of the Applicant, Education Qualification, and Occupation of the Applicant.
Telangana MLC Voter Registration
  • Enter the Door Number, Town, Village, Post Office, and Pin Code in the Address Details Section.
  • Enter District, Assembly Constituency, Epic No, Polling Station, S.I No. in P.S.
Telangana MLC Voter Registration
  • Select the option Graduate or Diploma.
  • Enter the University’s Name, Passed out Year, and upload the supporting documents such as scanned photograph and scanned certificates.
  • Please select the option; my name has been included in the electoral roll for this or any other constituency.
  • Select the Constituency and District.
Telangana MLC Voter Registration
  • Enter Mobile Number and Email ID.
  • Verify all the details and click on Submit.

Note: Fill the Application Form in English and the Local Language Telugu, as shown in the form.

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Telangana MLC Voter Registration 2020 FAQ

Who are eligible for the Telangana MLC Registration 2020?

The applicants who have completed their minimum of 3 years of graduation course by 01 November 2020 are eligible for the Telangana MLC Voter Registration.

Can I apply for the Telangana MLC Voter Registration Offline?

Yes, the applicants can register their voters for MLC Voter Registration Offline by filling Form 18 and submitting it along with the necessary documents to the concerned department.

What is the last date for registering the Telangana MLC Votes in the Form-18?

The last date for registering the Telangana MLC Votes is 06 November 2020.

Do the applicants required to upload any documents in Form-18 for the MLC Voter Registration Process?

The applicants have to upload their Scanned Photograph and scanned copies of the desired certificate for identity.

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