Telangana FP Shop Numbers & Address Online

This article is dedicated to explaining the process of checking the Ration Shop number & address online. You can easily view the FPS number of your area. Let’s find out how.

In many cases, the ration cardholders of Telangana (TS) are asked to provide their respective ration shop number. This is something that not everybody knows. Either you can contact the concerned person at the ration shop or you can find this online. If you are unable to talk to the concerned person and find out this number, kindly follow the below-given process to find it right now. This online service is available at the EPOS Telangana portal and anybody can access it.

FP Shop Numbers & Address Telangana: How to View List

If you want to know the FP shop numbers of any District follow these steps:

  • Select your district from the list
  • Now, click on the “Get Details” option
  • You will see all shops within the selected District listed
  • Click on the Office Name
  • Now, you will see a complete list of Shops will shop numbers.
  • Clicking on the Shop number will show the ration card numbers within that Area.
  • You can further click the ration card number to know the beneficiary details

How Can i Search my Ration Shop number in Telangana

The above given process can get you FP Shop numbers within any district. If you want to know the shop number of your nearest FP shop, follow these steps:

  • You need to enter either FSCRefno, Ration card number, or Old ration card number
  • Once you have entered that, hit the submit button
  • Now, complete details of the ration cardholder will appear
  • You can see all data along with the FPShop Number.

That’s it, now you can provide this number whenever anybody asks you about your Fair Price Shop number.

How to Find Ration Card Number from FP Shop Number in Telangana

If you don’t have a ration card number handy, you can still find your FP Shop number online. First, let’s understand how to find your ration card number :

  • Visit this Page
  • Select your District & Office
  • Now, Click on the name of the Shop
  • On the next page, you will see details of the beneficiaries within that shop. You will also find Ration card number here.

Telangana Ration Card FP Shop Number & Address – FAQs

I need my FP Shop number, how can i find out?

In this case, you can either contact the concerned FPS person to find out. If that’s not possible, you can easily find the number online.

Can i check FPS details like number & address without ration card number?

It is possible to check the FPS details without Aadhaar number but you need to select your district and choose the concerned office first.

I lost my ration card number, how to recover it?

If you have lost your ration card number, it can be recovered by navigating to the EPOS portal. There select your FPS from the list and under it, all the beneficiary details will be there.


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