Suicide Squad: Kill The Justice League – How To Upgrade Weapons & Gear?

Upgrade Your Arsenal in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

Upgrade Your Arsenal in Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League

News: Are you prepared to embrace your inner supervillain and confront the iconic heroes of the Justice League? Explore the thrilling world of “Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League,” an eagerly awaited video game crafted by Rocksteady Studios and brought to you by Warner Bros. Games. Immerse yourself in this dynamic adventure where you assume the roles of four legendary members of the Suicide Squad – Captain Boomerang, Deadshot, Harley Quinn, and King Shark. Your mission: thwart Brainiac and his mind-controlled minions to prevent chaos from engulfing Metropolis.

Harley Quinn’s Weapons

Harley Quinn, the capricious and unpredictable member of the Suicide Squad, boasts a diverse array of lethal weaponry. Opting for her Heavy Weapon, she favors the “One Man Leaves minigun,” alias Bane’s Wrath. This formidable armament not only unleashes Frenzy but also triggers Venom Frenzy upon Critical Reloads, granting Harley a tactical edge in the midst of combat. Exhibiting versatility and critical reload effects, Harley brandishes the “Pain Machine” SMG, aptly christened Bane’s Fury. Lastly, her dependable “Snap Shot” pistol, known as Bane’s Rage, completes Harley’s formidable arsenal.

King Shark’s Weapons

King Shark, the imposing and formidable member of the Suicide Squad, introduces a formidable arsenal of devastating weapons to the battlefield. Employing the “One Man Leaves minigun,” also recognized as Bane’s Wrath, as his Heavy Weapon, King Shark inflicts substantial damage and initiates Frenzy through Critical Reloads. In tight quarters, he brandishes the “Punch Through Shotgun,” fittingly dubbed Bane’s Rage. When a ranged solution is imperative, King Shark opts for the “Ringleader” assault rifle from the Tier Two Infamy Set, offering a reliable and potent choice.

Deadshot’s Weapons

Deadshot, the adept marksman within the Suicide Squad, depends on accuracy and firepower to dispatch his adversaries. Employing the “I’ll Make It Quick Sniper Rifle,” referred to as Bane’s Fury, as his Sniper Rifle of choice, Deadshot inflicts formidable damage per shot, particularly with the added impact of a Critical Reload bonus. In situations demanding a mid-range approach, he brandishes the “Ringleader” assault rifle, capable of delivering substantial damage with each hit. As a dependable sidearm, the “Snap Shot” pistol proves potent, showcasing its ability to administer significant damage per shot.

Captain Boomerang’s Weapons

Captain Boomerang, the quirky member of the Suicide Squad, stands out as a proficient master of ranged attacks. Opting for the “I’ll Make It Quick Sniper Rifle,” he excels in long-range engagements, showcasing precision and power. When thrust into close-quarters combat, Captain Boomerang deftly wields the “Punch Through Shotgun.” For situations demanding a rapid-fire solution, the “Pain Machine” SMG emerges as a valuable asset in his arsenal.

Upgrading Your Weapons

Each weapon in “Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League” is meticulously designed to complement the strengths and preferred combat styles of the respective characters. The significance of Critical Reloads cannot be overstated, as they play a pivotal role in maximizing the potential of these weapons, triggering special effects or boosts. Furthermore, certain weapons belong to specific Infamy Sets, offering unique benefits that can significantly enhance your gameplay experience.

Moving on to weapon upgrades, progressing through the main missions, particularly the Earth-2 segment, is imperative, and it cannot be skipped. Upon completing this segment, the ability to undertake Support Squad Missions for Lex Luthor is unlocked.

To acquire Lex Luthor’s nanomachine enhancements for upgrading your weapons, complete two Support Squad Missions. It’s important to note that Epic (purple) and Legendary (yellow) weapons are eligible for upgrades. Therefore, when customizing your loadout, prioritize these varieties.

Access the customization options for your weapons by hovering over the desired weapon in the loadout menu and pressing the designated button (Triangle/Y). This action leads you to the Nano-Enhancement tab, showcasing available upgrade options. Attributes like Accuracy, Stability, Zoom, Reload Speed, and Magazine Size can be upgraded up to three times, significantly enhancing your weapon’s performance.

It’s noteworthy that upgrading weapons may alter their cosmetic appearance based on the chosen enhancements. Therefore, consider this aspect as you tailor your loadout to suit your preferred playstyle.

While upgrading weapons, be mindful of specific limitations associated with each weapon. Some may have restrictions on the number of Nano-Enhancements available, while others offer upgrades for each attribute. Wisely choose your upgrades based on these limitations.

“Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League” promises an immersive and action-packed gaming experience. Whether you opt for solo play or team up with friends in cooperative multiplayer mode, the game offers numerous hours of thrilling adventure and strategic combat.

Dynamic events, side missions, and regular updates in the form of “seasons” bring new locations and playable characters to the game. This ensures an evolving gaming experience that will captivate you for extended periods. So, equip yourself, enhance your weapons, and get ready to confront the formidable Justice League in the electrifying world of DC Comics.


Q: How do I upgrade my weapons in “Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League”?

A: To upgrade your weapons, you need to progress through the main missions of the game, particularly the Earth-2 segment. Once completed, you can undertake Support Squad Missions for Lex Luthor, which grant access to nanomachine enhancements for weapon upgrades.

Q: Can all weapons be upgraded?

A: Epic (purple) and Legendary (yellow) weapons can be upgraded. Make sure to choose these varieties when customizing your loadout.

Q: Are there any limitations to weapon upgrades?

A: Each weapon may have specific limitations, such as the number of available Nano-Enhancements or upgrades for each attribute. Consider these limitations and choose your upgrades wisely.

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