Self COVID Test Kit India

Amid the speculations going about the Covid 19 third wave, the Coviself has come up with an innovative Self COVID Testing Kit also known as Rapid Antigen Test. It is good news because the normal lab test takes around 72 hours in case of a delay. However, by buying and using the Self Covid Test Kit, people can get instant test results in as fast as 20 minutes. Moreover, the bollywood star hero Mr. Akshay Kumar is acting as the brand ambassador for the Coviself kit. The star actor even shared about the Coviself Test Kit on his official Twitter page.

Self COVID Test Kit India

This article explains the online procedure to buy the Coviself Online, Features and other details of the Self COVID Test Kit in India.

Features of COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Self Test Kit

Let us see the unique features offered by the CoviSelf RAT Kit, as shown below.

  • Intelligent Design: The kit is filled with a solution that inactivates the virus and is designed in the manner to control & contain biohazards.
  • It has a unique QR Code that gives accurate report generation.
  • The Coviself Kit comes in a Disposable bag for easy and safe disposal.
  • The kit comes with a Swab that is designed intelligently for biocontainment.

How to Buy Coviself Online using Mylab CoviSelf App

The users can buy the Mylab Coviself directly online. Let us see the online procedure to buy the Coviself Self Test Kit online in India.

  • The customers can buy the Self Covid Test Kit online on portals like Flipkart and other private vendors.
  • However, to make the process easier and flexible, Mylab is providing the Coviself Mobile App online.
  • For this, the online users should visit the Coviself Portal online.
  • Click on the App Download on the top of the Menu Bar.
  • Customers can observe the app links for both iOS and Android Devices.
  • Visit any of the Play Store links and enter the Mylab Coviself app in the search box.
  • Click on the install button under the Mylab Coviself App.
  • It then successfully downloads and installs the Coviself App on your mobile device.
  • Open the downloaded app on your mobile, and the users can start ordering the Coviself online.
  • It then takes the app users to the welcome page of the app.
  • Click on the Create Account on the welcome page of the app.
  • Enter/Select the Patient Details, Full Name, Birth Date, Age, Relationship, Gender, Aadhar Number, Email ID, Occupation, Mobile Number Password, Address, Nationality, Pin Code, and State.
  • Select Yes/No for Arogya Setu App Download.
  • Verify all the details and click on the Create Account button.
  • It then redirects the online users to the Login page below.
  • Enter the Mobile Number and Password created at the time of the registration.
  • Click on the Login Button.
  • It takes the customer using the app to the dashboard.
  • Click on the Buy Now button on the dashboard.
  • It then directly redirects the users to the Flipkart Account.
  • Verify the price and click on the Buy Now button.
  • From hereon, the users can Login into the Flipkart Account and start ordering the product online.

The interested applicants can visit the Coviself Official Portal, download the mobile app, and start ordering Coviself Kit online.

Self COVID Test Kit India FAQs

What is the market price of the Self Covid Test Kit online/offline in India?

The market price of the Self Covid Test Kit is Rupees 250, both online and offline in India.

Who is the brand ambassador for the Self Covid Test Kit in India?

Bollywood State Hero Mr. Akshay Kumar is endorsing the Self Covid Test Kit in India.

Where can I order the Coviself Self Covid Testing Kit online?

The customers can order the Coviself Self Covid Testing Kit online using the Mylab Coviself Mobile App.

What is the minimum time the COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Self Test Kit takes to generate the results?

The Covid-19 RAT Self Test Kit takes as little as 20 minutes to generate the test results.

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