Saima Wazed: Sheikh Hasina’s Daughter’s Unique Path in International Arenas

Saima Wazed: A Rising Star in Global Health

Saima Wazed: A Rising Star in Global Health

News: In the global health community, Saima Wazed, the daughter of Bangladesh’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, has been garnering recognition. Her prominent role as a member of the World Health Organization’s Expert Group on Autism and her expertise in the field have thrust her into the limelight. Notably, her presence at the G20 Summit in India made a substantial impact, sparking discussions regarding her potential political aspirations.

Childhood and Personal History

Born in 1978 in Dhaka, Bangladesh, Saima Wazed hails from a formidable lineage. Her father is a nuclear scientist, and her mother is the esteemed Prime Minister of Bangladesh. Following her graduation in computer science from the University of Dhaka, she embarked on a career as a software engineer.

Supporting Mental Health Awareness and Advocacy

In 2005, driven by her deep commitment to mental health, Saima Wazed founded the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) in Bangladesh. In addition to this, she also established the Bangladesh Autism Foundation, a pivotal organization offering invaluable support to families affected by autism.

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Significance at the G20 Summit

Saima Wazed’s notable appearance at the G20 Summit in India captured widespread attention. Her involvement in dialogues with global leaders, including US President Joe Biden and Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, underscored her growing influence within the realm of Bangladeshi politics. As she follows in the footsteps of her mother, speculation is rife regarding her potential political ambitions.

Accomplishments and Aspirations

Alongside her existing commitments, Saima Wazed is presently in contention for the coveted role of regional director for the South-East Asia Region (SEARO). Her rival in this race is Shambhu Prasad Acharya, a senior figure at the World Health Organization. This high-stakes competition further cements her standing and global recognition. The decision on whom to select for this position poses a formidable challenge for India.

Acknowledgment and Influence

At the G20 Summit, US President Joe Biden offered commendation to both Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and Saima Wazed for their substantial contributions. He characterized them as inspirational figures who have brought about meaningful transformations in the lives of countless individuals. This recognition not only enhances Saima Wazed’s stature but also underscores Bangladesh’s burgeoning significance on the global stage.

A Promising Tomorrow

Saima Wazed is emerging as a significant figure in the realm of global health, and there is potential for her influence to extend into politics. Her continued participation on international stages and the recognition she receives from prominent world leaders serve to reinforce her standing. As the world closely observes her journey, it promises to be a captivating one.


Q: Is Saima Wazed interested in pursuing a political career?

A: Saima Wazed has not publicly disclosed any political ambitions she may have.

Q: What is the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) in Bangladesh?

A: The National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) in Bangladesh is an organization established by Saima Wazed that focuses on mental health issues.

Q: What does Saima Wazed’s involvement in the G20 Summit signify?

A: Saima Wazed’s participation in the G20 Summit highlights her rising influence in the realm of Bangladesh politics and the global health community.

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