Rajmata Jijau Griha-Swamini Yojana | Complete Details

Complete details of Rajmata Jijau Griha-Swamini Yojana and Maharashtra Stamp Duty Latest News, Scheme 2021.

Maharashtra Government has launched Rajmata Jijau Griha – Swamini Yojana scheme 2021 on International Women’s Day. This project has been announced by its finance minister Ajit Pawar while presenting the budget for 2021-22 in the Assembly, which aims at providing 1 percent of concession in the Stamp duty through Rajmata Jijau Griha Swamini Yojana Scheme 2021 during the property registration, which is applicable only for the first women battalion of SRPF in the country.

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The interested applicants can check the official website of the Maharashtra Government for further details.

Rajmata Jijau Griha-Swamini Yojana

This article explains the Complete Details of Maharashtra Stamp Duty Latest News, Scheme 2021, benefits, latest news of the Rajmata Jijau Griha-Swamini Yojana.

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Eligibility Criteria of Rajmata Jijau Griha – Swamini Yojana 

Let us have a look at the eligibility criteria of the candidates under the scheme  

  • The candidate eligible for the required scheme Rajmata Jijau Griha-swamini yojana 2021 should be a citizen of Maharashtra state.
  • The registration property should be in the name of the women of the family 
  • Rajmata Jijau Griha-Swamini Yojana will not offer the concession if the joint partner of the property is a man with the woman.
  • Both the property’s joint partners should be women to avail the benefits of stamp duty under the Yojana.

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Rajmata Jijau Griha – Swamini Latest News 2021

Let us see Maharashtra Stamp Duty Latest News of the recently announced Rajmata Jijau Griha Scheme Scheme 2021 granted for women and children.

  • The Maharashtra state has decided that around 3 percent of the fund from the District annual income is reserved for women and children’s empowerment.
  • The Department’s total budget will be Rs 3,637 crores announced by Maharashtra’s government during the time of the Rajmata Jijau Griha-Swamini yojana scheme 2021.
  • Ajit Pawar has announced the formation of SRPF (State Reserve Police Force) first women’s battalion.

Benefits of Rajmata Jijau Griha – Swamini Yojana Scheme 2021

Let us look at the benefits that have announced by the Maharashtra Government for women and children under various aspects

  • Under the `Rajmata Jijau Griha-Swamini Yojana,’ registration of property in the family’s woman’s name will be encouraged.
  • Moreover, a concession of 1 percent in stamp duty will be given in the prevailing rates from April 1 if the property registration is done in the name of the woman of the family.
  • Girl students in rural areas will travel to schools and colleges at free cost by state transport buses.
  •  1,500 CNG environment-friendly and hybrid fuel buses will be facilitated to state transporter MSRTC.
  • Additional buses will be provided under the Tejasvini Yojna in metro cities, especially for women.

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Rajmata Jijau Griha – Swamini Yojana 2021 FAQ

What is the main objective of the Rajmata Jijau Griha – Swamini Yojana Scheme 2021?

The scheme’s main objective is to reduce the stamp duty collection for the property in the name of a Woman.

Are the complete details of the scheme available on the Maharashtra government Website?

No, Maharashtra’s government has not released any online/offline details about the scheme on its website.

Who has launched the Rajmata Jijau Griha-Swamini Yojana Maharashtra Stamp Duty Latest News, Scheme 2021?

The scheme has been launched by Ajit Pawar, the Finance Minister of Maharashtra.

Who are the eligible candidates for the scheme Rajmata Jijau Griha-Swamini Yojana 2021?

The women of Maharashtra state are eligible for the Particular Rajmata Jijau Griha-Swamini Yojana 2021 scheme.

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