Raft: How to Get Bolts Vine Goo?

Finding Innovative Ways to Excel in the Raft Game

Finding Innovative Ways to Excel in the Raft Game

News: Discovering novel strategies to thrive in a game has forever ignited the enthusiasm of gamers. Within the realm of Raft, adventurers are presented with a chance to venture into uncharted territory, uncovering fresh and unconventional opportunities.

The Importance of Bolts in Raft

In the world of Raft, expert gamers rely heavily on a pivotal item: bolts. These small but invaluable components serve as the prime crafting materials, facilitating the creation of enhanced tools. Bolts are widely regarded as the most superior crafting resources in the Raft universe, playing an indispensable role in forging top-tier equipment essential for players’ survival and success. Spears, Fishing Rods, Clocks, Hooks, and Antennas, all benefit from the use of bolts in their construction. These upgraded tools not only exhibit remarkable durability but also deliver unmatched efficiency, making them an absolute necessity for players aspiring to thrive within the Raft gaming realm.

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Acquiring Bolts in Raft

When it comes to acquiring bolts in Raft, you have two primary avenues to explore. The initial choice involves scouring the currents for barrels, known to hold an assortment of resources, bolts included. Equipping yourself with a Hook proves invaluable in extracting bolts from within these barrels. The second option entails searching for bolts inside Loot Boxes located on various islands.

If you’re tired of searching for bolts, there’s always the option of making them from scratch. Here’s how you can do it:

Step 1: Acquire Metal

Metal is a scarce resource within the game, and on occasion, it can be spotted beneath the water’s surface near the islands. To securely acquire metal, it’s recommended to construct diving equipment and deploy shark bait to deter the menacing predators. Once you’ve located the metal, a simple left-click of your mouse is all it takes to mine it.

Step 2: Smelt The Acquired Metal

After amassing an ample quantity of metal, deposit it into a smelter. The smelter will then work its magic, converting the raw metal ore into a refined ingot.

Step 3: Build A Bolt

Using one ingot, you can construct one bolt. To do this, place some mortar inside the smelter and allow it to warm up. Once warmed up, pick up the ingot and open the crafting pane. Select “bolt” and click on “craft.”

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The Importance of Vine Goo in Raft

Vine Goo is an essential rare material used in the Raft world for various crafting purposes. It is required to make empty bottles (used for storing water), flippers, circuit boards (an important element in the early stages of the game), oxygen bottles, sweep nets, cooking pots, basic bows, and much more. Despite its seemingly insignificant name, Vine Goo has a wide range of uses and is integral to surviving and progressing in the Raft game world.

Obtaining Vine Goo in Raft

Step 1: Acquire Seaweed – Seaweed is a readily available object in the Raft game world and can be found near the islands. Keep an eye out for seaweed popping out from the waters. You may have to explore multiple islands to gather a substantial amount of seaweed. Dive into the water and collect as much seaweed as possible.

Step 2: Place The Seaweed In The Smelter – Once you have collected a sufficient quantity of seaweed, place it inside the smelter. The smelter can be created using dry bricks made from sand and clay. Additionally, add some planks to the smelter.

Step 3: Vine Goo, Ready in a Matter of Seconds – Once the seaweed is placed inside the smelter, simply wait a brief moment, and your Vine Goo will be prepared. This valuable crafting material serves as a critical tool for swiftly advancing through the initial phases of the game and evolving into a proficient player in the world of Raft.

In conclusion, recognizing the significance of specific elements within the Raft game world, such as bolts and Vine Goo, is paramount for players aiming to excel in the game. These seemingly minor materials hold a pivotal role in crafting enhanced tools and advancing through the game’s various stages. Through the acquisition and efficient utilization of these resources, players can elevate their gameplay and flourish in the demanding Raft universe. With this understanding, it’s time to embark on an exhilarating adventure, set sail, gather resources, and make your mark in the world of Raft.


Q: How can I acquire bolts in Raft?

A: There are two main ways to acquire bolts in Raft. You can search for barrels in currents or find them inside Loot Boxes on the islands.

Q: What is the importance of Vine Goo in Raft?

A: Vine Goo is an essential material used for various crafting purposes in Raft. It is required for making items like empty bottles, flippers, circuit boards, oxygen bottles, and more.

Q: How can I obtain Vine Goo in Raft?

A: To obtain Vine Goo in Raft, you need to collect seaweed from the waters near the islands and place it inside a smelter with some planks. After waiting for a few seconds, the Vine Goo will be ready.

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