Raft: Dry Brick Glass Wool

Raft: Crafting Dry Brick, Glass, and Wool for Survival

Raft: Crafting Dry Brick, Glass, and Wool for Survival

Crafting Dry Brick in Raft:

News: Collecting Sand and Clay – In order to produce dry bricks within the game Raft, search for and amass sand and clay in the vicinity of the coral reefs that encircle the islands. Employ your trusty hook to harvest sand by directing it towards the stone formations submerged in the water.

Using the Research Table – Once you have gathered the necessary clay and sand, return to your raft and access the research table. Open your inventory and search for clay and sand, then click on “Research” to unlock the wet bricks.

Accessing Wet Bricks – Once you’ve accessed the research tab for wet bricks, ensure that you unlock at least six of them. Strategically position these wet bricks on your raft, being mindful to avoid the edges in order to thwart any potential shark interference.

Drying the Wet Bricks – Permit the wet bricks to air-dry for approximately five minutes. Once they have fully dried, you can retrieve them and employ them in your crafting endeavors.

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The Importance of Dry Brick in Raft:

Dry bricks hold pivotal importance in the world of Raft as they serve multiple essential purposes. They are crucial for constructing smelters and wet bricks, which are fundamental components in various crafting processes. Moreover, they are necessary for fabricating the research table, a vital tool enabling players to unlock a plethora of new technologies and survival recipes.

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Obtaining Glass in Raft:

Locating Massive Stones – Keep an eye out for sizable stone formations near the water while on your raft. These structures will be your source of the essential sand required for crafting glass.

Collecting Sand – Dive into the water near the stone structures and collect the sand found on the submerged stones. Each piece of sand collected equals one piece of glass.

Smelting the Sand – Bring the collected sand back to your raft and place it in the smelter. Wait for approximately 60 seconds for the glass to be ready. Pick up the glass once it is done.

The Uses of Glass in Raft:

Glass is a versatile material in Raft. It can be used to craft advanced purifiers, binoculars, windows, glass windows, and to collect honey in the game.

Obtaining Wool in Raft:

Gathering Ammo Powder – Dive into the ocean water and search for ammo powder, which is needed for the “net caster.”

Shooting the Puffer Fish – While underwater, locate the “puffer fish” and shoot it with an arrow to transform it into explosive powder.

Finding the Llama – Return to your raft and locate the llama on an island. Use the net launcher obtained from your inventory to capture the llama.

Bringing the Llama to Your Raft – Transport the captured llama back to your raft, leaving enough space for grass so it can eat.

Crafting Shears – Use scrap metal and hinges to create a pair of shears. These are necessary for shearing the wool from the llama.

Shearing the Llama’s Wool – Approach the llama on your raft with the shears and shear its wool.

The Uses of Wool in Raft:

Wool is essential for crafting protective armor and expanding your inventory. With wool, players can create leather greaves, leather helmets, backpacks, and leather body armor to enhance their chances of survival during combat.

In summary, in Raft, dry brick, glass, and wool are indispensable materials essential for improving your survival prospects. Dry bricks facilitate the production of smelters and wet bricks, glass is pivotal for crafting advanced purifiers, binoculars, and windows, while wool serves as the key ingredient for forging protective armor and expanding your inventory. Invest time in strategic resource gathering to acquire these valuable materials and create essential items, ensuring your survival and success in Raft.


Q: How do I find sand and clay in Raft?

A: Sand and clay can be found near the coral reefs surrounding islands in Raft. Use your hook to collect sand from stone structures in the water.

Q: What can I use dry bricks for in Raft?

A: Dry bricks are essential for creating smelters, wet bricks, and the research table. They allow players to unlock new technologies and recipes for survival.

Q: How do I obtain wool in Raft?

A: To obtain wool in Raft, you need to gather ammo powder, shoot a puffer fish to obtain explosive powder, capture a llama using a net launcher, create shears, and shear the llama’s wool on your raft.

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