Punjab Anaaj Kharid Online | Aarthiya,Atta Chakki (Mill) Online Registration Form, Login on anaajkharid [email protected]

Punjab Anaj Kharid Kharid Online | Aarthiya, Atta Chakki (Mill) Online Registration Form, [email protected]

Anaaj Kharid is the other name for the Department of Food, Civil Supplies, and Consumer Affairs of Punjab State Government. The objective of this portal is to help in the smooth distribution of food grains and other substitutes. This, in turn, helps to collect a large number of food grains from farmers. This portal is dedicated to the farmers applying for Aarthiya, Atta Chakki (Mill) on the Anaaj Kharid Portal.

However, the farmers can register directly on the Punjab Anaaj Kharid Portal Online/

Punjab Anaj Kharid Online | Aarthiya, Atta Chakki (Mill) Online Registration Form, [email protected]

In this article, we guide you about the Punjab Kharid, Online Registration Form, and Application Procedure on the anaajkharid portal.

Overview of the Scheme

Name of the Scheme Anaaj Kharid
Launched by Punjab State Government
Beneficiaries Farmers of Punjab State
Announced on 19th February 2020

Eligibility Criteria:

Let us have a look at the applicant’s eligibility for Punjab Eligibility Criteria below.

  • The applicant farmers should be permanent residents of Punjab.
  • The farmers who have the Income and Crop Production Details can only apply to the scheme.
  • The applicant farmer should meet the guidelines set by the government to get eligible for this scheme.

Documents Required:

Let us see the documents required for applying Punjab Anaaj Kharid Scheme. This is for the applicants who want to apply for the Punjab Anaaj Kharid Portal.

  • Residence Certificate of the Applicant Farmer
  • Aadhar Card/Ration Card/Voter ID Card/ Other Identity Proof
  • Income Certificate License Copy
  • PAN Number Copy
  • Canceled Cheque

Punjab Anaj Kharid Online: Aarthiya Registration @ anaajkharid.in

Let us see the Online Registration Procedure for Aarthiya Registration on Punjab Anaaj Kharid Online Portal.

Punjab Anaaj Kharid Online Portal
  • On the Home Page, Click on the Aarthiya Registration Link
  • It redirects the applicant farmer to the below page.
  • Enter the Mobile Number in the given field.
  • After Entering the Mobile Number, the system sends the OTP to the Mobile Number given.
Punjab Anaaj Kharid Online Portal
  • Enter the OTP Generated to your Mobile Number and Click Continue.
  • It opens the below Registration Form.
  • In the first section, enter the District, Market Committee, Firm Name, License Number, TIN Number, PAN Number, Shop Number, Email ID, Constitution.
Punjab Anaaj Kharid Online Portal
  • Also, upload the Cancelled Cheque, License Copy Photo, PAN Copy showed in the registration form.
  • In the next section, enter the bank details such as Bank Name, IFSC Code, Account Holder Name, Account Number, PFMS ID, PFMS Vendor Code.
Punjab Anaaj Kharid Online Portal
  • Also, enter the details of Proprietor/Partner/Directors/Members such as Name, DOB, Mobile Number, PAN Number.
  • Verify all the details and Click Submit.
  • It then generates an acknowledgment with an application number for future reference.

How to Register Online for Atta Chakki (Mill) @ anaajkharid.in

  • Go back to Home Page and Click on the Miller Registration.
  • It opens up a new page that shows the below details.
  • Click on the tab For New User Registration.
Punjab Anaaj Kharid Portal
  • It then opens up as a new page as below.
  • Select the Apply for Provisional Permission. It displays the below registration page.
Punjab Anaaj Kharid Portal
  • Enter the Basic Information like District, Milling Center, Mil Name, Mill PAN No., GST No., Milling Type, Latitude, Longitude, Email Address, Mobile Number, and Click on Verify.
  • You will receive the OTP to the mobile number given, now enter the OTP generated, and continue the process.
  • Now, enter the Address, Pincode, Block, Village of Proposed Rice Mill.
  •  Click on the same as above if it of the same address or else enter the details of the address for correspondence.
  • Verify all the details and click submit.
  • However, you can apply for the Final Registration of New Rice Mill and look at the below registration form.

How to Login on the Punjab Anaaj Kharid Portal Online

  • After the successful registration of the Applicant’s Farmers on the Anaaj Kharid Portal the Farmers can login on the portal as shown below.
  • Visit the Home Page and Click on the Login tab.
  • It redirects the user to given below Login Page
Punjab Anaaj Kharid Portal
  • Enter the User Name and Password along with the Captcha Code and Click on Sign in.
Punjab Anaaj Kharid Portal
  • It takes the online user to the User Dashboard.

Quick Links

Punjab Anaaj Kharid Online

Punjab Kharid Online FAQ

Who are the beneficiaries of the Punjab Kharid Online?

The farmers of the Punjab State are the beneficiaries of the Punjab Kharid Online Scheme.

Do I need to upload any documents for getting registered on the Aarthiya Registration Online?

Yes, the applicant farmer has to upload documents such as Licence Copy, PAN Number Copy, and Cancelled Cheque.

Are the Aadhar and PAN details mandatory for registration on Punjab Anaj Kharid Online Portal?

Yes, Aadhar and PAN details are mandatory for registration on Anaaj Kharid Portal.

Is there any offline procedure for farmers to register on Anaaj Kharid Portal?

According to the sources, there is no offline procedure for the farmers to register on the Anaaj Kharid Portal.

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