Poppy Playtime Experiment 1007

Poppy Playtime – Kissy Missy

Poppy Playtime - Kissy Missy

News: In 1985, Experiment 1007 at the Poppy Playtime factory led to the birth of Kissy Missy, a character designed as the counterpart to the main antagonist, Huggy Wuggy, featured in Chapter 1: “A Tight Hug.”

During the initial chapter of the game, Kissy Missy is predominantly featured in posters. Nonetheless, in the second chapter entitled “Fly in a Web,” she actively participates in the gameplay by aiding the player in maneuvering through obstacles, particularly in the Cart Corridors.

In contrast to Huggy Wuggy, Kissy Missy is a non-violent and cheerful character who takes pleasure in assisting the player in overcoming the game’s challenges. Although her role may not be as prominent, her friendly presence adds a warm and welcoming element to the game.

Experiment 1007, affectionately known as Kissy Missy, was created by Poppy Playtime with the intent of captivating children in joyful playtime experiences. In the game, she plays a crucial role in helping players surmount obstacles and avoid menacing monsters.

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The character makes her initial appearance in Chapter 1: “A Tight Hug” as a poster, but her role becomes more prominent in the second chapter. Kissy Missy is depicted as a cheerful and supportive character.

When it comes to her appearance, Kissy Missy is enveloped in pink fur from her head to her toes. Her palms and feet are adorned in a cheerful yellow hue, and she dons a charming blue bow. Her expressive eyes are notably wide, featuring long lashes and dark black pupils.

Designed as the feminine counterpart to Huggy Wuggy, Kissy Missy was intentionally crafted with a pink hue. This amiable toy, hailing from the Playtime Co. factory, came into existence in 1985, one year after the creation of Huggy Wuggy.

In her role as the presumed romantic interest of Huggy Wuggy, the female counterpart is affectionately known as Kissy Missy. She has made notable appearances in both Chapter One and Chapter Two of the game, underscoring her significant role in the game’s narrative.

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Kissy Missy, the result of Experiment 1007 at the Poppy Playtime factory, is a delightful and peaceful character that assists players in maneuvering past obstacles within the game. Originating in 1985, Kissy Missy serves as the feminine counterpart to Huggy Wuggy, playing a substantial role in both the first and second chapters of the game. Her rosy fur and amiable disposition contribute a charming element to the toy assortment at the Playtime Co. factory. Players can count on Kissy Missy for support and guidance as they advance through the game’s trials.


1. What is Kissy Missy’s role in the game?

Kissy Missy aids players in navigating through obstacles and evading monsters.

2. When was Kissy Missy created?

Kissy Missy was created in 1985, a year after Huggy Wuggy’s creation.

3. In which chapters of the game does Kissy Missy appear?

Kissy Missy appears in both chapter one and chapter two of the game.

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