Nintendo Wifi Connection Service For This Software Has Been Discontinued

Nintendo Wifi Connection Discontinued

Nintendo Wifi Connection Discontinued

News: Nintendo has just made an announcement regarding the discontinuation of their WiFi Connection service for select software. Consequently, players will no longer have the ability to establish online connections and utilize features like multiplayer gaming, leaderboards, and tournament data. Nonetheless, offline gameplay will remain accessible for these platforms.


The Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service, a beloved feature that offered online support for numerous Nintendo DS, Wii, and Nintendo DSi software titles, regrettably came to an end on May 20, 2014. Attempting to access the online service through these platforms will now trigger a pop-up message indicating its discontinuation. For a list of currently supported Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection-compatible software, Nintendo suggests visiting

Impact on Online Gaming

As a result of the service’s discontinuation, players will no longer have the option to engage in online gameplay or utilize any associated features. This encompasses leaderboards, tournament data, and the exchange of add-on content or items between players. It’s crucial to emphasize that this discontinuation exclusively pertains to the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service and does not impact other online functionalities within the games.

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Other Online Services

It’s worth noting that other online services provided by Nintendo, such as the Wii Shop Channel, the Nintendo DSi Shop, and video-on-demand services, remain unaffected by this discontinuation. These services will continue to operate without any interruption.

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Should you encounter any error codes or encounter issues related to Nintendo DS, a plethora of troubleshooting steps can be found on the official Nintendo website. The website offers comprehensive guides and instructions on resolving common errors and issues that players may come across.

To sum up, Nintendo has ceased its WiFi Connection service for specific software titles. This results in the unavailability of online connectivity and features like multiplayer gameplay and leaderboards. Nonetheless, offline gameplay remains accessible, and the discontinuation does not impact other online services provided by Nintendo. For additional information and troubleshooting assistance, please visit


Q: Will I still be able to play Nintendo games offline?

A: Yes, offline gameplay will still be available for the affected platforms.

Q: Can I still access other online services offered by Nintendo?

A: Yes, other online services like the Wii Shop Channel and Nintendo DSi Shop are not affected by this discontinuation.

Q: Where can I find troubleshooting guides for Nintendo DS issues?

A: You can find troubleshooting guides and instructions on the official Nintendo website.

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