Meet KJ Smith’s Husband: Who Is Skyh Alvester Black?

KJ Smith Celebrates Wedding with Skyh Alvester Black

KJ Smith Celebrates Wedding with Skyh Alvester Black

News: KJ Smith, renowned for her portrayal in the BET+ drama series “Sistas,” marked a significant milestone in her personal journey. On September 3, 2022, this gifted actress tied the knot with Skyh Alvester Black at the picturesque Malibu Dream Resort. Their wedding transcended the union of two hearts; it was a jubilant festivity brimming with love, star power, and indelible memories.

A Romance Blossoming Behind the Scenes of ‘Sistas’

The romantic tale of KJ Smith and Skyh Alvester Black commenced amidst the filming of the television series “Sistas” back in 2019. What initially began as professional camaraderie gradually blossomed into a profound friendship and eventually blossomed into love. The crescendo of their journey arrived on Christmas Day 2021, when Skyh, renowned for his grand romantic gestures, went down on one knee and proposed to KJ.

A Luxurious Wedding Celebration at Malibu’s Dream Resort

Their wedding day, held on September 3, 2022, was set against the stunning backdrop of the Malibu Dream Resort. The event was adorned with the presence of several luminaries, among them Serayah McNeill, Daniella Perkins, and Meagan Good. It transcended the boundaries of a typical wedding, evolving into a harmonious fusion of glamour, love, and festivity.

Skyh Alvester Black: Emerging Talent Making Waves in the Entertainment World

Skyh Alvester Black, not only the husband of KJ Smith but also a burgeoning luminary in the entertainment realm, has already left an indelible imprint on various film and television projects, all by the age of 35. His acting prowess shines through in notable works such as “The Bold and the Beautiful,” “The Game,” and “Step Up: High Water.” Beyond his acting pursuits, Skyh has co-founded The Black Effect dance company, underscoring his remarkable artistic versatility.

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Embarking on the Path to Genuine Love

KJ Smith has consistently been transparent about her personal odyssey, acknowledging that discovering genuine love came with its fair share of trials. Nonetheless, with Skyh Alvester Black as her steadfast companion, she experienced an unparalleled depth of affection and encouragement. In an emotionally charged dialogue with Essence magazine, Smith openly divulged, “I’ve never encountered such a profound sense of love and unwavering support from anyone in my life.”

A Celebration of True Love

Within the dazzling realm of Hollywood, the love story between KJ Smith and Skyh Alvester Black stands as a shining testament to authentic love and partnership. Their journey, marked by moments of jubilation and resilience, stands as a testament to their unbreakable connection. As ardent fans and supporters, our collective hope is for their happiness to endure eternally.

An Enchanting and Heartwarming Occasion

To sum it up, KJ Smith and Skyh Alvester Black’s wedding at the enchanting Malibu Dream Resort was an enchanting and love-infused occasion. Their transformation from friends to lovers serves as a poignant reminder of the profound impact genuine connections can have. We extend our heartfelt wishes for a lifetime brimming with happiness and triumph in both their personal and professional journeys.


Q: When did KJ Smith and Skyh Alvester Black get married?

A: KJ Smith and Skyh Alvester Black got married on September 3, 2022.

Q: Where did their wedding take place?

A: Their wedding took place at the Malibu Dream Resort.

Q: Who attended their wedding?

A: Numerous stars, including Serayah McNeill, Daniella Perkins, and Meagan Good, attended their wedding.

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