Mark 1 Vs. Mantis: Who Is Better in Starfiled?

Starfield Armor Sets – Mark 1 vs Mantis

Starfield Armor Sets - Mark 1 vs Mantis

News: Bethesda Game Studios’ long-awaited space RPG, Starfield, has finally launched, delivering an exhilarating cosmic adventure to players. A pivotal choice within the game entails deciding between two well-loved armor sets: Mark 1 and Mantis. As players journey through the game’s challenges, they may find themselves contemplating the superiority of one set over the other. In this piece, we will delve into the Mark 1 and Mantis armor sets, shedding light on their respective strengths and weaknesses, enabling players to make well-informed decisions.

What is the Mantis Spacesuit?

The Mantis Spacesuit holds a coveted status in Starfield, desired by numerous players. Acquiring this prized armor set involves embarking on a challenging and enjoyable quest, where players solve puzzles and explore secret outposts. Valued at 31,755 credits and weighing 16.2, this exceptional spacesuit not only augments a character’s abilities but also boasts a visually pleasing design. Players are drawn to it for its harmonious fusion of style and utility, establishing it as an essential addition for any adventurer within the expansive Starfield universe.

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The Mantis Armor

1. Impressive Perks – The Mantis armor set boasts a range of impressive perks that significantly enhance your character’s performance in combat. These perks are unique to the Mantis armor and can benefit players regardless of their preferred playstyle.

2. Appearance Concerns – Despite its impressive perks, the Mantis armor may not appeal to everyone in terms of aesthetics. Some players even consider it the “ugliest” armor in the game. Therefore, if you place a high emphasis on your character’s appearance, this may be a downside for you.

3. Solid Protection Stats – While the Mantis armor may not offer the highest level of protection, it still does a commendable job of keeping you safe during challenging battles. It strikes a balance between offensive and defensive capabilities.

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The Mark 1 Armor

1. Exceptional Protection – The Mark 1 armor is renowned for its exceptional defensive capabilities. When compared directly to the Mantis armor, it becomes evident that the Mark 1 provides superior protection.

2. Challenging to Acquire – Obtaining the Mark 1 armor can be a daunting task as it is locked behind a master-level lock. Players must invest significant time and effort into leveling up their characters before they can obtain this prized armor. While some may find this challenging and discouraging, others may see it as an achievement to be earned.

3. Appearance – Surprisingly, despite its excellent protective qualities, some players consider the Mark 1 armor to be rather plain in appearance. It lacks the unique style and visual flair that the Mantis armor offers.

Where Can I Find The Lodge in Starfield to Obtain the Mark 1 Armor?

To locate the Lodge and acquire the impressive Mark 1 armor in Starfield, follow these simple steps to ensure you are prepared for your space adventure:

  • Commence the first main mission and proceed to New Atlantis.
  • Head to the basement of The Lodge, which is situated in Constellation HQ.
  • Take a right turn into the storage room with the painting.
  • Look for the display case containing the Mark 1 armor set.
  • Unlock the display case by utilizing master-level lockpicking skills or finding a gap at the right edge of the display case.
  • Equip the Mark 1 armor set and enjoy its superior protection stats.

On another note, a few players have reported acquiring the Mark 1 armor during the Crimson Fleet infiltration side quest by raiding a medical ship. It’s worth mentioning that this method may not be universally effective and could involve an element of luck.

What are the Best Spacesuits in Starfield?

Based on search results, here are the best spacesuits in Starfield:

  1. Mark 1 Spacesuit – The Mark 1 Spacesuit is widely regarded as the best armor in Starfield due to its high defensive stats and excellent protection against various types of weapons, including Laser Rifles.
  2. Mantis Spacesuit – The Mantis Spacesuit is a unique and highly sought-after armor set that offers slightly lower stats compared to the Mark 1. However, its distinctive appearance distinguishes it from other armor sets in the game.
  3. Gran-Gran’s Spacesuit – Gran-Gran’s Spacesuit is a powerful armor set that provides strong protection against radiation and features high defensive stats.
  4. Mercury Spacesuit – The Mercury Spacesuit is a robust armor set that offers strong protection against fire and boasts high defensive stats.
  5. Bounty Hunter Spacesuit – The Bounty Hunter Spacesuit is a formidable armor set that provides excellent protection against energy weapons and features high defensive stats.
  6. Starborn Spacesuit – The Starborn Spacesuit is a potent armor set that offers strong protection against radiation and boasts high defensive stats.

In summary, the choice between the Mark 1 and Mantis armor sets in Starfield hinges on players’ personal preferences for perks, aesthetics, and protection. Mark 1 stands out in defense, albeit with potential challenges in acquisition and a lack of visual flair. In contrast, the Mantis armor provides distinctive advantages and a stylish design, though it may not appeal to every player’s visual tastes. Ultimately, the decision rests with the individual player, shaped by their unique playstyle and aesthetic inclinations.


Q: Which armor set offers better defense?

A: The Mark 1 armor set provides superior defense compared to the Mantis armor set.

Q: Can I obtain the Mark 1 armor during the Crimson Fleet infiltration side quest?

A: Some players have reported obtaining the Mark 1 armor during this quest, but it may not work for everyone and could require some luck.

Q: What is the best spacesuit in Starfield?

A: The Mark 1 spacesuit is widely regarded as the best armor in Starfield due to its high defensive stats and excellent protection against various weapons.

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