Kenny Pickett: What Happened to Him? All You Need Know About Him

Kenny Pickett’s 2021 Injury Impact on Pittsburgh Steelers’ Playoff Run

Kenny Pickett's 2021 Injury Impact on Pittsburgh Steelers' Playoff Run

News: Kenny Pickett, selected by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the first round of the 2021 draft, has encountered difficulties this season, prompting queries about his non-participation in the Wild Card Round playoff matchup against the Buffalo Bills. Despite being on the active roster, Pickett is not in the starting lineup; Mason Rudolph continues to hold the starting role after an undefeated 3-0 record in Pickett’s absence. Pickett, returning from an ankle injury, now assumes the backup position. The decision to stick with Rudolph is rooted in his successful performances, providing a boost to the Steelers’ offense. In a quest for stability, the team has also undergone changes, including the dismissal of offensive coordinator Matt Canada. Pickett’s future role remains uncertain, with Rudolph presently leading the team. Should the Steelers progress, Rudolph is expected to maintain his starting position.

Kenny Pickett’s Background and Achievements

Born on June 6, 1998, Kenny Pickett is a 25-year-old American football quarterback presently affiliated with the Pittsburgh Steelers in the NFL. Originating from Ocean Township, New Jersey, he demonstrated his prowess in high school at Ocean Township before enrolling at the University of Pittsburgh from 2017 to 2021. Pickett garnered notable accolades in 2021, including the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award, ACC Athlete of the Year, and ACC Player of the Year. The Pittsburgh Steelers selected him in the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft, making him the 20th overall pick. Standing at 6 feet 3 inches and weighing 220 pounds, Pickett has left a significant impact in his professional career, showcasing his abilities as a skilled quarterback with impressive accomplishments.

Kenny Pickett’s Journey in Football

Kenny Pickett’s football journey commenced at the University of Pittsburgh in 2017, initially in a backup role. His breakthrough occurred in his freshman season when he orchestrated an upset victory over the second-ranked Miami Hurricanes, showcasing both his passing and rushing abilities. Pickett assumed the full-time starting position in 2018, contributing to Pittsburgh’s triumph in securing their first ACC Coastal Division Championship. Despite the challenges of a shortened 2020 season due to the COVID-19 pandemic, he remained a consistent force on the field.

In his culminating college season in 2021, Pickett left an indelible mark by setting records with 4,319 yards and 42 touchdowns. His outstanding performance earned him a first-team All-American selection and a coveted spot as a Heisman Trophy finalist. After completing his bachelor’s degree in marketing, Pickett opted to utilize his final year of eligibility and pursued studies at the Joseph M. Katz Graduate School of Business.

The Pittsburgh Steelers drafted Pickett in the first round of the 2022 NFL Draft. Despite facing challenges, including concussions and injuries, in his rookie NFL season, Pickett displayed promise by becoming the first rookie quarterback to deliver game-winning touchdowns in the final minutes of consecutive games. As of the 2023 season, he continues to navigate the highs and lows of his professional career, demonstrating resilience and unwavering determination.

Kenny Pickett’s Age and Birthplace

Born on June 6, 1998, Kenny Pickett, currently 25 years old, hails from the Oakhurst section of Ocean Township, New Jersey. His football odyssey commenced during his high school years at Ocean Township High, where he showcased excellence before transitioning to the University of Pittsburgh. Recognized for notable achievements, such as a standout senior season and being selected by the Pittsburgh Steelers in the 2022 NFL Draft, Pickett’s age of 25 underscores a burgeoning yet promising career as a quarterback in the National Football League (NFL).

Kenny Pickett’s Net Worth

As of 2024, Kenny Pickett boasts an estimated net worth of around $6 million, predominantly derived from his contracts in the National Football League (NFL). Widely acknowledged as a highly skilled quarterback, Pickett has garnered financial success through his stellar performances on the football field. His net worth serves as a tangible outcome of his unwavering dedication and exceptional talent, solidifying his standing among the esteemed quarterbacks in the NFL. This substantial figure stands as a testament to Pickett’s well-deserved accomplishments in his career, affirming the recognition and compensation he has received for his impactful contributions to the sport.

Kenny Pickett’s Injury Concerns

Kenny Pickett’s season has been marred by injury concerns, particularly with his return from an ankle injury. Despite being active, Mason Rudolph retained the starting quarterback position for the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Wild Card Round playoff game against the Buffalo Bills, with Pickett assuming the backup role. This intermittent absence has sparked questions regarding Pickett’s fitness and his role within the team.

In summary, Kenny Pickett’s ankle injury has resulted in a shift in his role as the starting quarterback for the Pittsburgh Steelers, with Mason Rudolph taking over and delivering strong performances. Pickett’s return has left uncertainty about his future role, especially with Rudolph currently leading the team. The Steelers’ decision to stick with Rudolph is grounded in his successful contributions and the team’s pursuit of stability. As the playoffs unfold, Pickett’s role in the team’s pursuit of success remains to be seen.


Q: What led to Kenny Pickett’s absence in the Wild Card Round playoff game?

A: Kenny Pickett faced challenges this season, including an ankle injury, which resulted in him being a backup to Mason Rudolph in the game against the Buffalo Bills.

Q: What awards did Kenny Pickett earn during his college career?

A: Kenny Pickett earned notable accolades such as the Johnny Unitas Golden Arm Award, ACC Athlete of the Year, and ACC Player of the Year during his college career at the University of Pittsburgh.

Q: What is Kenny Pickett’s professional record as a rookie quarterback?

A: Despite facing challenges, Kenny Pickett showed promise as a rookie quarterback, becoming the first to throw game-winning touchdowns in the final minutes of consecutive games.

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