Ishan Kishan’s Record: Did He Achieve the Fastest ODI Double Century Against Bangladesh?

Unforgettable Moment in Cricket: Ishan Kishan’s Record-breaking Double Century

Unforgettable Moment in Cricket: Ishan Kishan's Record-breaking Double Century

Rising Star Creates History

News: December 10, 2022, marked an unforgettable moment in the world of cricket as Ishan Kishan, an emerging star in Indian cricket, etched his name in history. He achieved this remarkable feat by scoring a scorching 210 runs from only 131 balls against Bangladesh in Chattogram. This extraordinary performance not only established a new record for the fastest double century in men’s One Day International (ODI) cricket but also served as a compelling testament to Kishan’s exceptional talent and boundless potential.

Surpassing Previous Records

Kishan’s breathtaking innings eclipsed the previous record held by New Zealand’s Amelia Kerr, who had achieved a double century in 129 balls. This remarkable accomplishment not only solidified Kishan’s position among the elite cricketers but also firmly engraved his name in the annals of cricketing history.

The Key Details of the Incredible Innings

Delving into the remarkable innings, this exceptional feat unfolded on December 10, 2022, during a match against Bangladesh in Chattogram. Ishan Kishan faced a total of 131 deliveries and orchestrated an awe-inspiring tally of 210 runs. His aggressive style of play, combined with precise shot selection, led to an impressive display that included 9 sixes and 24 fours. This masterful performance left both spectators and cricket analysts in sheer admiration of Kishan’s batting prowess.

An Emphatic Showcase of Indian Cricketing Prowess

Beyond displaying Kishan’s individual brilliance, this historic innings served as a testament to India’s cricketing prowess on the international stage. It’s noteworthy that Kishan became the first Indian cricketer to achieve a double century in One Day Internationals (ODIs) while playing outside of India. This milestone further cements his place in the annals of cricketing history. Already, comparisons have begun, drawing parallels between Kishan’s performance and those of iconic Indian openers like Rohit Sharma and Virender Sehwag, highlighting the immense promise he holds for Indian cricket.

Setting Multiple Records

In addition to claiming the title of the fastest double century, Ishan Kishan’s innings established several other remarkable records. His 9 sixes in a One Day International (ODI) innings were the most by any player, and his 24 fours were also the highest in an ODI innings. Furthermore, this historic innings stands as the highest individual score by an Indian against Bangladesh in ODIs and the highest individual score ever recorded in ODIs in Chattogram, solidifying Kishan’s place in cricketing history as a record-breaker.

Kishan’s Impact on the Cricketing Community

Indeed, Ishan Kishan’s record-breaking double century elevates him to a prestigious position among cricketing legends and establishes a new benchmark for cricketers worldwide to aspire to. His remarkable skill, unwavering determination, and exceptional performance have left an indelible impact on the entire cricketing community, inspiring both aspiring and seasoned players alike.


Against which team did Ishan Kishan score 200 runs?

Answer: Ishan Kishan scored his monumental double century against Bangladesh.

What implications does this record-breaking innings have for Ishan Kishan’s cricket career?

Answer: This record-breaking innings firmly establishes Ishan Kishan as one of the brightest talents in cricket and promises a bright future for his career.

Is Ishan Kishan expected to maintain his role as a crucial player for the Indian cricket team?

Answer: With his extraordinary performances, Ishan Kishan promises to be a linchpin for the Indian cricket team in the coming years.

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