Is Tomorrow X Together (TXT) the Next Big Thing in the South Korean K-Pop Scene?

The Rising Stars of K-pop

The Rising Stars of K-pop

News: In 2019, Big Hit Entertainment (now Big Hit Music) unveiled a new South Korean boy band named Tomorrow X Together, commonly known as TXT. Consisting of five exceptionally talented members – Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Hueningkai – TXT rapidly made a significant impact in the K-pop industry. They officially debuted on March 4, 2019, with their inaugural mini-album, “The Dream Chapter: STAR.” Since their debut, TXT has consistently climbed the ranks and garnered recognition, culminating in their recent victory at the 2023 MTV Video Music Awards for PUSH Performance Of the Year.

The Journey to Success

TXT’s success can be attributed not only to their captivating music, which seamlessly blends various genres, but also to their electrifying performances and the meaningful messages they convey, which resonate with a global audience. It’s important to recognize that, despite sharing the same label as BTS, TXT has firmly established its own unique identity in the K-pop landscape.

The Members of TXT

The formation of TXT was a carefully curated process under the guidance of Big Hit Entertainment. After thorough consideration, five members were selected, each bringing their unique talents and personalities to the group:

– Soobin: The leader and lead vocalist of the group.

– Yeonjun: A formidable main dancer, lead rapper, and sub vocalist.

– Beomgyu: Known for his exceptional skills as a lead vocalist and dancer.

– Taehyun: The main vocalist, recognized for his unique tonal quality.

– Hueningkai: Serving as a sub vocalist, he is the youngest member of the group.

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Collaborations and Accolades

Collaborations have indeed played a significant role in TXT’s journey. Their memorable partnership with the Jonas Brothers on the track “Do It Like That (Jax Jones Remix)” generated substantial attention. However, it was their performance with Anitta at the 2023 MTV VMAs, especially their rendition of “Back for More,” that garnered significant acclaim and praise from both critics and fans.

TXT has been receiving a multitude of accolades for their outstanding work. Their victory at the 2023 MTV VMAs, particularly the award for PUSH Performance Of the Year with their song “Sugar Rush,” serves as a powerful testament to their expanding influence and recognition within the music industry.

Spreading Messages of Hope

Since their debut, TXT has accomplished the release of four studio albums, one reissue, and six extended plays. Their music, marked by its experimental nature, consistently conveys messages of hope, unity, and the ability to overcome adversity, closely aligning with their vision of shaping a brighter future.

A Unique Identity

Tomorrow X Together (TXT) undeniably continues to make a significant impact in the realm of K-pop. While they may have certain connections, notably through their shared label with BTS, TXT’s music, the messages they convey, and their individual identities distinguish them. TXT functions as a guiding light for many, not only as entertainers but as symbols of hope and drivers of change.


What is the debut album of the South Korean boy group TXT?

“The Dream Chapter: STAR” is TXT’s debut mini-album.

Who currently leads the group TXT?

The leader of TXT is Soobin.

How many studio albums has TXT published?

TXT has released a total of four studio albums.

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