Is Sofia Carson Currently Dating? Exploring Her Relationship History and Current Status in 2023

Sofia Carson’s Love Life in 2023

Sofia Carson

Sofia Carson’s Relationship Status

News: In 2023, Sofia Carson is currently unattached. During a candid conversation with Cosmopolitan back in 2019, she openly shared her disinterest in pursuing romantic relationships within the realm of Hollywood. Presently, her career holds the utmost priority in her life.

Sofia Carson’s Dating History

Throughout the years, Sofia has been linked to a few individuals:

1. Cameron Boyce (2015): Sofia was rumored to be in a relationship with her “Descendants” co-star, Cameron Boyce, in 2015.

2. Manolo Gonzalez Vergara (December 2016-2018): Sofia’s name was linked to Manolo Gonzalez Vergara, the son of renowned actress Sofia Vergara, for a couple of years. However, neither party confirmed the relationship, leaving the truth shrouded in mystery.

3. Nicholas Galitzine (2022): Sofia was rumored to be dating her “Purple Hearts” co-star, Nicholas Galitzine, in 2022. However, the status of their relationship remains unconfirmed.

Sofia’s Discreet Love Life

Sofia Carson is renowned for her commitment to maintaining a private romantic life. She seldom divulges details about her relationships and opts to shield them from public scrutiny. During a Seventeen interview in 2017, she underscored the significance of safeguarding her personal life, particularly in the demanding world of entertainment.

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Rumors and Speculations

Due to her celebrity status, Sofia has found herself at the center of numerous rumors and speculations concerning her romantic life. One notable instance was the rumored involvement with her “Descendants 3” co-star, Booboo Stewart, back in 2018. Nevertheless, akin to many other such speculations, this particular rumor was never officially confirmed.

Nicholas Galitzine’s Dating History

Nicholas Galitzine, Sofia’s co-star in “Purple Hearts,” has not been immune to dating rumors himself. At one point, he was the subject of speculation regarding a potential romantic connection with singer Camila Cabello. However, it’s important to note that these claims were based solely on conjecture and lacked any substantiated evidence.

Sofia Carson’s Current Dating Status

To reiterate, as of 2023, Sofia Carson seems to be leading a single life. There have been no recent rumors or news concerning her romantic life since the reported breakup with Nicholas Galitzine in 2022.

Sofia Carson continues to maintain an air of mystery surrounding her romantic life. Although there have been past associations with a few individuals, there is no concrete evidence regarding her present relationship status. It is crucial, as admirers and supporters, to honor her need for privacy and patiently await any official disclosures, should she decide to share them in the future.


Q: Who is Sofia Carson currently in a relationship with in 2023?

A: No, Sofia Carson is reportedly single in 2023.

Q: Who were the individuals Sofia Carson has been in previous relationships with?

A: Sofia Carson has been linked to Cameron Boyce, Manolo Gonzalez Vergara, and Nicholas Galitzine in the past.

Q: What is the reason behind Sofia Carson’s choice to maintain privacy regarding her love life?

A: Sofia Carson values her privacy and prefers to keep her romantic relationships away from the public eye, especially in the entertainment industry.

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