Is ‘Over My Dead Body: Gone Hunting’ the Most Intriguing Season Yet?

“Over My Dead Body Gone Hunting”

Over My Dead Body Gone Hunting

News: “Over My Dead Body Gone Hunting” is a riveting true crime podcast that delves into the tales of individuals driven to their breaking points. The eagerly awaited fourth season, titled “Gone Hunting,” centers on the enigmatic case of Mike Williams, a 27-year-old insurance salesman and devoted family man who vanished without a trace during a duck hunting expedition in northern Florida back in the year 2000.

The Mysterious Disappearance

On December 16, 2000, Mike set out on a duck hunting expedition with his friend Brian Winchester. Yet, when Mike didn’t return, Brian’s account of the events raised suspicions. He proposed the possibility of alligator involvement, but not everyone was convinced by this narrative.

Doubts and Investigation

Mike’s wife, Denise, harbored suspicions and took the initiative to enlist the services of a private investigator to unveil the reality. What the investigator unearthed suggested something far more sinister than a mere alligator incident. It appeared that the genuine threat to Mike’s vanishing might be someone intimately connected to him, much closer to home.

A Chilling Narrative Unraveled

Initially, it seemed that the hunting expedition was a tragic accident attributed to alligators. Nevertheless, as additional details came to light, a disturbing narrative of betrayal and concealed motives gradually unraveled. This narrative painted a grim picture of love, deception, and treachery at the heart of the mystery.

The Anthology Series

“Over My Dead Body” is an anthology series produced by Wondery and hosted by Matthew Shaer and Robert Moor. Every season offers a new and riveting storyline that delves into the darker dimensions of human behavior. It investigates the outcomes when people find themselves pushed to their breaking points and the repercussions that unfold as a result.

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The Latest Season: “Gone Hunting”

The most recent season, “Gone Hunting,” intricately unravels the perplexing tale of Mike Williams’ disappearance. As the podcast unfolds, it peels back the layers, divulging hidden secrets and unveiling a tangled tapestry of love, deception, and treachery. It serves as a stark reminder that sometimes the most perilous threats can emerge from the people closest to us.

Where to Listen

Audience members can tune in to “Gone Hunting” on well-known platforms like Wondery Plus and Amazon Music. While a handful of episodes may be accessible for free, subscribers enjoy exclusive entry to the entire season, guaranteeing that they won’t miss any of the enthralling details within this captivating narrative.

A Captivating Journey

“Over My Dead Body Gone Hunting” is more than just a podcast season. It is a captivating journey that delves into the depths of human emotions and actions. For true crime enthusiasts and fans of suspenseful storytelling, this season is an absolute must-listen. Prepare to be drawn into the mystery and become an active participant in this enthralling narrative.

“Over My Dead Body Gone Hunting” is a true crime podcast that invites listeners on an enthralling voyage through the enigmatic case of Mike Williams’ vanishing. With its examination of love, deceit, and treachery, this season delivers a captivating narrative that will maintain the audience’s engagement until the final episode. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience this compelling podcast.


1. What is the focus of the fourth season of “Over My Dead Body”?

The fourth season, titled “Gone Hunting,” focuses on the perplexing case of Mike Williams’ disappearance during a duck hunting trip in north Florida in 2000.

2. Where can I listen to “Over My Dead Body Gone Hunting”?

“Over My Dead Body Gone Hunting” is available on popular platforms such as Wondery Plus and Amazon Music.

3. Is the entire season available for free?

While a few episodes are available for free, subscribers gain exclusive access to the entire season.

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