Is Kevin Federline’s Wife, Victoria Prince, Making a Transition from Volleyball Pro to Family Life?

Victoria Prince: From Volleyball Pro to Devoted Wife and Mother

Victoria Prince: From Volleyball Pro to Devoted Wife and Mother

News: In 2013, Victoria Prince, a former professional volleyball player, embarked on a significant life change by marrying Kevin Federline, a former professional basketball player and reality TV personality. Presently, she fulfills her roles as a devoted wife and mother, frequently offering her fans a peek into her family life through her social media posts.

Victoria Prince: More Than Just a Wife

Victoria Prince’s identity extends far beyond being Kevin Federline’s spouse. Prior to embracing her family life, she was a formidable presence on the volleyball court. Today, she often shares heartwarming moments from her family life on social media, underscoring the strong bond she shares with Federline and their two children.

A Surprising Love Story

The love story between Kevin Federline and Victoria Prince had an unexpected start in 2008, when they met in a bowling alley. Their shared passions for sports and family drew them closer, and in 2011, they joyfully welcomed their first child, Jordan Kay. Two years later, in 2013, surrounded by their near and dear ones, they exchanged vows in a Las Vegas ceremony. Their family continued to grow when, in 2014, they celebrated the arrival of their second child, Peyton Marie.

From Pop Icon to Devoted Father

Before finding love with Victoria, Kevin was in a high-profile marriage with pop icon Britney Spears. Between 2004 and 2007, their personal and professional lives were under scrutiny, as they shared their journey on the reality show “Britney & Kevin: Chaotic.” Their union brought forth two sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James, before ending in a widely publicized divorce.

Athletic Prowess and Motherhood

Victoria Prince, born on December 2, 1982, in Richland, Washington, gained initial fame for her athletic prowess. She showcased her volleyball skills at Washington State University and the University of Hawaii at Manoa. After college, she pursued a career as a special education teacher. Today, she devotes herself full-time to motherhood, ensuring her children receive the best upbringing.

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Kevin Federline: Commitment to Family

Beneath the veneer of glitz and glamour, Kevin Federline’s core identity is that of a devoted father. With a total of six children from three different relationships, including those with Shar Jackson and Britney Spears, Kevin’s life stands as a testament to his unwavering dedication to family. This native of California is often spotted investing quality time with all of his children.

A Potential Increase in Child Support

Rumors have been circulating about Kevin Federline contemplating a request for an increase in child support payments from Britney Spears. While speculations point to a potential additional $10,000 per month, the precise rationale behind this move remains uncertain. It’s possible that the increasing cost of living in Los Angeles might be a contributing factor influencing this decision.

A Remarkable Journey

Victoria Prince’s journey is undeniably captivating and inspirational. Her transition from a professional volleyball player to a caring wife and dedicated mother is a remarkable one. Similarly, Kevin Federline, despite enduring past and ongoing challenges, notably the child support dispute with Britney Spears, maintains his unwavering commitment to his role as a father, placing it above all other considerations.

A Beautiful Family

In summary, the union of Victoria Prince and Kevin Federline has resulted in the creation of a loving and beautiful family. Their journey serves as a poignant reminder that genuine happiness is found in the love and support of our cherished ones. Despite the obstacles they’ve encountered, they stay devoted to their roles as parents and persist in sharing their happiness with fans through social media.


1. Are Victoria Prince and Kevin Federline still together?

Yes, Victoria Prince and Kevin Federline are still happily married and are dedicated to their roles as parents.

2. How many children do Victoria Prince and Kevin Federline have?

They have two children together, Jordan Kay and Peyton Marie.

3. What is Kevin Federline’s relationship with Britney Spears?

Kevin Federline was previously married to Britney Spears and they share two sons, Sean Preston and Jayden James. They have since divorced but continue to co-parent their children.

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