Is Justin Theroux Currently Dating? A Look into His Past and Present Relationships

Justin Theroux Dating History

Justin Theroux Dating History

Justin Theroux’s Impressive Career

News: Justin Theroux, a multifaceted figure excelling in acting, directing, and writing, has carved a prominent place for himself in the entertainment industry. While his professional accomplishments are undeniably noteworthy, his romantic life has consistently drawn public curiosity. This article will delve into Theroux’s dating history, offering an extensive exploration of his past relationships and his current status.

Justin Theroux’s Longest Relationship with Heidi Bivens

Justin Theroux’s most enduring relationship was with the acclaimed costume designer Heidi Bivens. Their romantic journey spanned an impressive 14 years, commencing in 1997 and concluding in 2011. Their initial connection blossomed while collaborating on the critically acclaimed film “Mulholland Drive.” During their time together, they frequently graced the public eye with joint appearances, solidifying their status as a well-recognized couple on the red carpet.

Justin Theroux’s Marriage to Jennifer Aniston

In 2011, Justin Theroux embarked on a romantic journey with the celebrated actress Jennifer Aniston. Their connection ignited on the set of the film “Wanderlust.” Their relationship evolved swiftly, culminating in their engagement in August 2012 and a cherished wedding on August 5, 2015. However, their marital union concluded with an announcement of separation in February 2018, ultimately leading to a finalized divorce in October of the same year. Despite the dissolution of their marriage, both Theroux and Aniston have consistently demonstrated mutual respect and admiration for one another, preserving a friendly and amicable relationship.

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Recent Dating News: Justin Theroux and Nicole Brydon Bloom

In August 2023, Justin Theroux was observed in the company of actress Nicole Brydon Bloom. The two were spotted on a double date at Altro Paradiso in New York City, igniting rumors of a potentially blossoming relationship. Nicole, renowned for her role in the TV series “The Society,” departed from the venue alongside Theroux, intensifying speculation about their romantic involvement.

Justin Theroux’s Stance on Public Relationships

In matters of his romantic life, Justin Theroux tends to favor discretion. In a 2017 interview, he expressed, “I think it’s more fun not being in a public relationship.” He underscored his preference for keeping his relationships private, existing within the confines of “the four walls of whatever room we’re in.”

Other Notable Dating Tidbits

Apart from his well-documented relationships, Justin Theroux has been linked to rumored connections with celebrities such as Laura Harrier, Emma Stone, and Emily Ratajkowski. Although the veracity of these relationships remains unclear, they have undoubtedly heightened the public’s fascination with his romantic entanglements.

Justin Theroux’s Current Relationship Status

Following his separation from Jennifer Aniston in 2018, Justin Theroux has not been publicly associated with any romantic partner. The recent outing with Nicole Brydon Bloom is the most notable indicator of a potential relationship, although no official statement or confirmation has been issued regarding their status.

In conclusion, Justin Theroux’s dating history encompasses a variety of relationships, from his lengthy partnership with Heidi Bivens to his widely publicized marriage to Jennifer Aniston. Although he places a premium on maintaining privacy in his personal life, recent encounters with actress Nicole Brydon Bloom have piqued interest in his current relationship status. Nonetheless, Theroux’s primary emphasis remains on his thriving career, resulting in many details of his romantic life remaining undisclosed to the public.


Q: Who is Justin Theroux’s longest relationship with?

A: Justin Theroux’s longest relationship was with Heidi Bivens, lasting for 14 years.

Q: When did Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston divorce?

A: They announced their separation in February 2018 and finalized their divorce in October 2018.

Q: Has Justin Theroux been recently seen with someone?

A: Yes, he was spotted with actress Nicole Brydon Bloom in August 2023.

Q: Does Justin Theroux prefer public relationships?

A: No, he has expressed that he finds it more enjoyable not being in a public relationship.

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