Is Jake Elliott’s Salary Commensurate with His Contributions to the Eagles?

Is Jake Elliott Salary Reflective of His Contribution to the Eagles?

Is Jake Elliott Salary Reflective of His Contribution to the Eagles?

News: When evaluating the performance of a football team, it is crucial to take into account the contributions of every player, including kickers like Jake Elliott from the Philadelphia Eagles. Assessing the value of a kicker like Jake Elliott can indeed be challenging. One method to gauge his worth is by closely examining his salary and gaining an understanding of the terms and conditions of his contract.

Jake Elliott’s Salary Overview:

– 2017: $495,000

– 2018: $645,000

– 2019: $1 million

– 2020: $1 million

– 2021: $2.25 million

– 2022: $3.87 million

– 2023: $4.625 million

Jake Elliott’s Agreement with the Eagles:

In November 2019, Jake Elliott inked a five-year contract with the Philadelphia Eagles, with a total value of $19.308 million. This contract includes a fully guaranteed amount of $5.655 million and an overall guarantee of $10.155 million. Understanding the terms of his contract provides important insight into his worth to the team.

Jake Elliott’s Salary Analysis Across Various Years:

– 2020: $1 million

– 2021: $2.25 million (guaranteed only for injuries)

– 2022: $3.87 million

– 2023: $4.625 million

– 2024: $5.375 million

– 2025: $6.125 million

Variations in Salary Across the Years for Jake Elliott:

Jake Elliott’s earnings have varied throughout his career:

– In 2017, he earned a rookie contract of $495,000.

– By 2018, his salary increased to $645,000 as a restricted free agent.

– In 2019, with the start of his five-year agreement, his earnings reached $1 million.

Guaranteed Compensation and Vesting:

In 2021, a portion of Jake Elliott’s salary, specifically $2.25 million, was initially guaranteed against injuries at the time of signing. This meant that if he were to sustain an injury and be placed on injured reserve, he would still receive this amount. However, it’s noteworthy that the remaining $1 million of his salary for that year was not guaranteed. Furthermore, by March 22, 2020, the injury guarantee of $2.25 million became a full guarantee, ensuring that he would receive the entire amount regardless of any injuries. Understanding these contract details sheds light on the financial aspects of his role as a kicker for the Philadelphia Eagles.

2023 Cap Hit and Base Salary:

In 2023, Jake Elliott’s cap hit will total over $5.8 million. This includes a base salary of $4.625 million, a roster bonus of $200,000, and a workout bonus of $50,000. These financial details provide insight into the compensation structure for Jake Elliott in that year.

Jake Elliott’s Present Salary:

As of the current information, Jake Elliott receives a salary of $1,080,000 for his role as a kicker with the Philadelphia Eagles in the National Football League (NFL). This salary figure excludes any signing bonus or additional incentives that may be part of his contract.

Recent Revision of Jake Elliott’s Contract:

In a recent development, the Philadelphia Eagles restructured Jake Elliott’s contract, resulting in the creation of a new salary cap space of $2.49 million. This restructuring is a strategic move that not only provides the Eagles with greater financial flexibility but also contributes to ensuring Jake Elliott’s long-term retention with the team.

In conclusion, examining Jake Elliott’s salary and the details of his contract offers valuable insights into his importance and indispensability to the Philadelphia Eagles. His consistent performance on the field and the recent contract restructuring underline the substantial role he plays within the team’s framework.


Q: What is Jake Elliott’s current salary?

A: Jake Elliott’s current salary is $1,080,000, excluding any signing bonus.

Q: How much of Jake Elliott’s salary is guaranteed?

A: $2.25 million of Jake Elliott’s salary in 2021 is guaranteed against injuries, while the remaining $1 million is not guaranteed.

Q: Has Jake Elliott’s contract been restructured recently?

A: Yes, the Eagles recently restructured Jake Elliott’s contract, creating a new salary cap space of $2.49 million.

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