Is Jake Elliott’s 61-Yard Kick the Longest Field Goal in Eagles History?

Jake Elliott’s NFL Journey

Jake Elliott's NFL Journey

Characteristics of Jake Elliott

News: Let’s delve into Jake Elliott’s successful NFL journey and how certain physical attributes have had a significant impact on his career trajectory. In the demanding world of professional football, his stature as the Philadelphia Eagles’ placekicker in the National Football League (NFL) has been noteworthy. This analysis is current as of 2023.

Crucial Information

– Height: 5 feet 9 inches

– Weight: 167 pounds

– NFL Team: Philadelphia Eagles

– Drafted: 2017 NFL Draft

– College: Memphis (2013-2016)

– 2022 Base Salary: $1 million

– Contract: Signed a 5-year extension in 2019

– Recent Achievement: Selected for the Pro Bowl for the second time in 2022

Jake Elliott’s Path in the NFL

Since his selection in the 2017 NFL Draft, Jake Elliott has made a name for himself as a prominent member of the Philadelphia Eagles, primarily due to his remarkable kicking abilities. It’s worth noting that Elliott’s physique, which stands out from the typical NFL player build, may catch some by surprise.

Jake Elliott has left a substantial mark on the NFL, amassing seven successful years in the league. His journey commenced during his college tenure at Memphis, spanning from 2013 to 2016, during which he displayed exceptional skills. This collegiate experience played a pivotal role in shaping his trajectory towards the NFL.

Jake Elliott’s Physical Dimensions

Jake Elliott’s physical attributes, particularly his height and weight, frequently pique curiosity among fans and observers. Standing at 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighing 167 pounds, he doesn’t conform to the traditional NFL player mold. Interestingly, amidst discussions about his stature, it’s easy to overlook the fact that he throws with his right hand, which is another noteworthy aspect of his game.

Jake Elliott’s Agreement and Earnings

In November 2019, Jake Elliott reaffirmed his commitment to the Philadelphia Eagles by signing a substantial five-year contract extension worth $19.3 million. Notably, the contract incorporates voidable years for 2025 and 2026. As of 2022, his base salary stands at $1 million, but due to bonuses and restructuring, his cap hit for the Eagles amounts to $2.9 million.

Jake Elliott’s Athletic Odyssey

Jake Elliott’s athletic journey commenced at Lyons Township High School in La Grange, Illinois, where his talent was readily apparent. His collegiate years at Memphis, spanning from 2013 to 2016, played a pivotal role in preparing him for his eventual entry into the NFL.

For Further Details

If you’re looking for more detailed information about Jake Elliott, you can find a comprehensive NFL profile on ESPN. This profile is a valuable resource, offering the latest news, live statistics, and game highlights related to Jake Elliott’s NFL career.

Accomplishments and Acknowledgments

The year 2022 served as a testament to Elliott’s exceptional skills as a kicker. He impressively converted 20 out of 23 field goal attempts and remarkably missed just one out of 33 extra point tries, further cementing his place in the Pro Bowl for the second time.

Fascinating Tidbits

Here’s an intriguing fact about Jake Elliott: Not only is he a standout in the NFL, but he also holds the esteemed title of the third-leading scorer in Eagles’ history, boasting an impressive 640 points to his name. Additionally, he has the unique distinction of being the only kicker to have successfully made a field goal of 61 yards or more in two separate playoff games. Beyond his football achievements, Elliott is known for his dedicated fandom of the Chicago Cubs and Bears.

In conclusion, while the discussion around Jake Elliott’s height and weight is common, it’s crucial to remember that these are mere numbers. What truly matters are his performance, unwavering dedication, and the remarkable journey he undertook from Memphis to the Philadelphia Eagles. Let’s continue to follow and celebrate his ongoing NFL journey, which speaks volumes about his true abilities and character.


Q: How tall is Jake Elliott?

A: Jake Elliott is 5 feet 9 inches tall.

Q: What is Jake Elliott’s weight?

A: Jake Elliott weighs 167 pounds.

Q: What is Jake Elliott’s recent achievement?

A: Jake Elliott was selected for the Pro Bowl for the second time in 2022.

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