Is Chris Berman Still Active at ESPN in 2023? A Look into His Ongoing Journey with ESPN

Is Chris Berman Still a Part of ESPN in 2023?

Is Chris Berman Still a Part of ESPN in 2023?

News: As we step into the latter part of 2023, many sports enthusiasts are wondering if Chris Berman is still a part of ESPN. In this article, we will take a closer look at the journey and current status of one of the most prominent figures in sports broadcasting: Chris Berman.

Chris Berman’s Present Situation with ESPN

To begin with, it is true that Chris Berman is still associated with ESPN, although in a different capacity. In May 2021, he reaffirmed his commitment to the network by signing a multiyear contract extension. However, in February 2023, he announced that he would be stepping down from his regular hosting duties of ESPN’s NFL studio programming after an impressive 31-season streak. Fans can still find solace in the fact that he will be anchoring NFL PrimeTime and providing insights on select events.

Ongoing Involvement with ESPN

Chris Berman’s connection with ESPN runs deep, spanning over two-thirds of his life. During the contract announcement, he expressed his gratitude by saying, “ESPN has been almost two-thirds of my life. I’m honored that what I do still works.” This statement perfectly encapsulates the strong bond he shares with the network.

Shifting into a Diminished Responsibility

As time goes on, Chris Berman has decided to slow down a bit. While he continues to be a part of ESPN, he has hinted at taking more leisure breaks and spending time at his favorite vacation spots. This transition allows him to balance his personal life and professional commitments.

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Key Positions in ESPN’s History

Throughout his career at ESPN, Chris Berman has taken on various roles and made significant contributions to the network. Some of his notable historical roles include:

  • Halftime Host for ABC Sports’ MNF (1996-1999)
  • Monday Night Blast Pre-game Show (1998)
  • NFL Primetime Reunion (2019)

Significant Influence and Controversial Matters

Chris Berman’s impact on ESPN is undeniable. His tenure has seen him evolve into a cornerstone for football coverage, known for his insightful analyses, energetic presentation style, and memorable catchphrases. While he has had his fair share of controversial moments, such as the Abraham Lincoln remark during Super Bowl LVII’s broadcast, these instances have not overshadowed his significant contributions to the network.

In conclusion, Chris Berman continues to be an integral part of ESPN despite transitioning to a different role. His four-decade-long journey, marked by milestones and occasional controversies, has solidified his legacy in sports broadcasting. As he embraces a reduced workload, his influence will undoubtedly continue to resonate for years to come. Stay tuned for more updates on Chris Berman’s ESPN journey!


Q: Is Chris Berman completely leaving ESPN?

A: No, Chris Berman is still associated with ESPN but in a reduced role.

Q: What shows will Chris Berman continue to be a part of?

A: Chris Berman will still be anchoring NFL PrimeTime and providing insights on select events.

Q: How long has Chris Berman been with ESPN?

A: Chris Berman has been associated with ESPN for over two-thirds of his life.

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