Is Becky Lynch the Latest WWE Grand Slam Champion? Exploring Her Triumph in Winning the NXT Women’s Title

Becky Lynch: The Grand Slam Champion

Becky Lynch: The Grand Slam Champion

News: On September 12, 2023, Becky Lynch, the celebrated WWE superstar, achieved the zenith of her career by capturing the NXT Women’s Championship. This momentous victory has firmly established her as a grand slam champion, a distinction held by only the sixth woman in WWE history, accentuating the prestige of her accomplishments.

Becky Lynch: The Dominant Force

Becky Lynch, widely recognized as ‘The Man,’ has consistently asserted her dominance in the WWE Women’s division for numerous years. Her charismatic personality, exceptional prowess in the ring, and unyielding determination have won her a dedicated global fanbase. Currently, the wrestling community buzzes with excitement over her grand slam championship status, an accolade that Becky has undoubtedly earned through her remarkable career.

The Feud with Tiffany Stratton

Within the dynamic realm of WWE, rivalries hold a crucial place in shaping a wrestler’s legacy. For Becky Lynch, her feud with the determined NXT Women’s Champion, Tiffany Stratton, became a defining chapter in her career. Their animosity reached its peak on September 5, 2023, when Lynch triumphed over Stratton in a non-title match. Nevertheless, Stratton, renowned for her unyielding spirit, refused to concede easily and challenged Lynch to a title match, setting the stage for an epic showdown.

Becky Lynch’s Victory at NXT

On September 12, the NXT arena buzzed with electrifying anticipation as Becky Lynch squared off against Tiffany Stratton in a match that had fans perched on the edge of their seats. It was a grueling contest, with both competitors leaving it all in the ring. Nonetheless, Lynch’s seasoned expertise and unwavering determination prevailed, resulting in her pinning Stratton and clinching the NXT Women’s Championship. The resounding applause from the audience cemented her status as a formidable and indomitable force in the wrestling world.

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Becky Lynch’s Grand Slam Achievement

Becky Lynch’s recent victory in capturing the NXT Women’s Championship was far from an ordinary title win; it represented the zenith of her already illustrious career. Alongside the NXT Women’s Title, she has held the Raw Women’s Championship, the SmackDown Women’s Championship, and the Women’s Tag Team Championship. This remarkable feat elevates her to the exclusive ranks of legends like Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair, who have also attained grand slam status in the WWE, underlining her status as one of the greats in the industry.

Celebrating the Victory

After her historic win, Becky Lynch didn’t delay in sharing her jubilation with the WWE Universe. She raised the NXT Women’s Championship high above her head, relishing the applause and cheers from her dedicated fans. The WWE Universe reciprocated with love and support, cementing their steadfast loyalty to the newly crowned grand slam champion.

Becky Lynch’s victory over Tiffany Stratton transcended being just another match; it marked a historic milestone in the making. As the sixth woman to attain grand slam champion status, she has etched her name among the wrestling legends. With her boundless passion, exceptional skills, and unyielding determination, fans can only look forward with great anticipation to what Becky Lynch will achieve next in her already extraordinary career.


Has Becky Lynch won all WWE Women’s titles?

Yes, Becky Lynch has achieved the remarkable feat of winning the NXT, Raw, SmackDown, and Tag Team Women’s Championships, thus earning her the grand slam champion status.

When did Becky Lynch win the NXT Women’s Championship?

Becky Lynch captured the NXT Women’s Championship on September 12, 2023.

Who did Becky Lynch defeat to win the NXT Women’s Championship?

Becky Lynch emerged victorious over Tiffany Stratton, defeating her to claim the NXT Women’s Championship.

How many women in WWE have achieved grand slam status?

Presently, six women, including Becky Lynch, have accomplished the commendable feat of becoming grand slam champions in WWE.

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