Is Ariana Grande’s Perfume “Cloud” Still Captivating in 2023?

Is Ariana Grande Perfume Cloud Still Enchanting in 2023?

Is Ariana Grande Perfume Cloud Still Enchanting in 2023?

A Captivating Fragrance

News: Ariana Grande, the cherished pop icon, pleasantly surprised her fans back in 2018 with the launch of her fragrance titled “Cloud.” This perfume swiftly gained a dedicated following, known for its refreshing and enchanting aroma. However, as we step into 2023, the inquiry arises: Does Ariana Grande’s “Cloud” perfume continue to captivate the affections of fragrance enthusiasts?

A Dreamy and Sophisticated Choice

Even five years after its initial release, the essence of “Cloud” by Ariana Grande continues to strike a chord with fragrance enthusiasts. Its airy and dreamy qualities have solidified its status as a preferred option for those in search of a delicate yet sophisticated scent.

An Enchanting Olfactory Journey

The initial notes of “Cloud” are truly enchanting, featuring the delicate scents of lavender blossom, juicy pear, and bergamot. As the fragrance unfolds, it gracefully blends into a delightful symphony of crème de coconut, indulgent praline, and vanilla orchid. Ultimately, it settles into a base of sensual musks and creamy blonde woods, culminating in a captivating olfactory journey.

Expanding Ariana’s Fragrant Universe

Debuted to the world in 2018, “Cloud” was the creation of the talented perfumer Clement Gavarry. More than just a perfume, it offers an immersive olfactory experience and is available in a range of sizes, catering to diverse preferences, from a travel-friendly rollerball to a luxurious 3.4 oz bottle.

Introducing Cloud Pink

As of 2023, Ariana Grande has expanded her fragrance collection with the introduction of “Cloud Pink.” This fresh addition tantalizes the senses with a blend of pink grapefruit, raspberry, and vanilla orchid, bringing an effervescent and vibrant dimension to her line of perfumes.

A Pop Icon and Perfume Mogul

Since venturing into the world of fragrances in 2015, Ariana Grande’s collection has flourished with hits like “Cloud,” “Moonlight,” and the recent addition of “Cloud Pink.” This success has solidified her status not only as a pop icon but also as a formidable presence in the perfume industry, establishing herself as a perfume mogul.

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A Continuous Influence in the Fragrance Industry

Ariana Grande’s entry into the world of perfumes has garnered widespread acclaim, with “Cloud Pink” receiving particularly glowing reviews in 2023. This further underscores Ariana’s enduring impact and influence within the fragrance industry.

Where to Find Ariana’s Perfumes

For those interested in indulging in Ariana Grande’s perfumes, there are often discounts and promotions available at various retailers such as Sephora, Macy’s, and Amazon. Ulta Beauty, a well-known beauty destination, proudly features Ariana’s “Cloud” fragrance, highlighting its dreamy and playful characteristics. Additionally, Target is another retailer where fragrance enthusiasts can explore and purchase this captivating olfactory masterpiece.

Praised by Perfume Aficionados

Fragrantica, a haven for perfume enthusiasts, has awarded “Cloud” an impressive rating of 4.2 out of 5. This rating highlights the fragrance’s dreamy and enchanting qualities, along with the expert blending skill of perfumer Clement Gavarry, earning it well-deserved acclaim among fragrance aficionados.

In summary, Ariana Grande’s perfume, “Cloud,” remains a captivating and enchanting fragrance that continues to resonate in 2023. With its dreamy notes and expert craftsmanship, this perfume has firmly established Ariana as a notable presence in the fragrance industry. Whether it’s the original “Cloud” or the playful “Cloud Pink,” Ariana’s perfumes provide an experience that resonates with fans and fragrance enthusiasts alike.


Q: What is the release date of Ariana Grande’s Cloud perfume?

A: Cloud was launched in 2018.

Q: Who is the fragrance creator responsible for Ariana Grande’s Cloud perfume?

A: The perfume was crafted by Clement Gavarry.

Q: What is the primary appeal of the Cloud fragrance?

A: The main allure of Cloud is its mix of dreamy notes like lavender blossom, juicy pear, and bergamot, combined with creamy woods and musks.

Q: Are there any new fragrances from Ariana in 2023?

A: Yes, “Cloud Pink” was introduced in 2023, adding a playful twist to her fragrance line.

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