Is Adam Collard Still on the Quest for Love? Delving into His Relationship with Lottie Moss and Previous Romances

Adam Collard: Love Island Star’s Relationships

Adam Collard: Love Island Star's Relationships

Adam Collard and Lottie Moss

News: Adam Collard, famed for his Love Island stints, has recently captured the spotlight due to his romance with model Lottie Moss. The duo publicly announced their relationship’s official status in August 2023, generating curiosity about Adam’s prior romantic entanglements, notably with Paige Thorne and Claudia Proctor.

Adam and Paige Thorne

In 2022, Adam had a brief romantic involvement with Paige Thorne following their meeting on Love Island. Regrettably, their relationship was of short duration and was marred by rumors and accusations of unfaithfulness. Additionally, there were speculations circulating about a potential rekindling of romance between Adam and his former girlfriend, Claudia Proctor. However, Claudia firmly refuted these claims, conclusively dispelling the rumors.

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Adam’s Love Island Journey

Adam’s initial foray into Love Island was in 2018, where he formed a couple with Zara McDermott. Regrettably, their relationship dissolved before the show’s conclusion. Fast forward to 2022, four years later, Adam made a comeback to Love Island and connected with Paige Thorne. However, their romantic connection swiftly dimmed after departing the villa. Throughout his tenure on the show, Adam consistently conveyed that he was more interested in new experiences rather than actively pursuing love.

Lottie Moss and Adam’s Past

Lottie Moss, well-informed about Adam’s history of relationships, is proceeding with their connection judiciously. She believes in taking the time to understand him more deeply before forming any opinions. Meanwhile, Adam has conveyed a sense of personal development and increased maturity throughout the years. He has affirmed his readiness to commit and settle down in a more stable relationship.

Media Attention and Reality TV

Adam’s romantic entanglements have consistently been a magnet for extensive media scrutiny, largely because of his participation in reality TV shows. The interplay between his personal life and his on-screen presence is undeniably fascinating. While only time will reveal the fate of Adam’s relationship with Lottie Moss, one fact remains clear – Adam is still on the pursuit of love.Are Adam and Lottie Moss currently in a relationship?


1. Are Adam and Lottie Moss still together?

As of August 2023, Adam and Lottie Moss are in a confirmed relationship. The future of their relationship remains to be seen.

2. Was Adam unfaithful to Paige Thorne?

Rumors and allegations of infidelity surrounded Adam and Paige Thorne’s relationship. However, these claims have not been proven.

3. Is Adam in search of love?

Throughout his appearances on Love Island, Adam has expressed that he is more interested in new experiences rather than actively searching for love. However, he has stated that he is now ready to settle down.

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