Is A.J. Brown Married? Learn About His Life with Kelsey Riley and Their Son AJ Jr.

A.J. Brown – A Journey of Love and Football

A.J. Brown - A Journey of Love and Football

News: In September 2022, A.J. Brown, the skilled wide receiver for the Philadelphia Eagles, tied the knot with his longtime girlfriend, Kelsey Riley. During that very month, the couple celebrated another joyous moment as they welcomed their son, Arthur Brown Jr. As fans increasingly express interest in “a j brown wife,” this article seeks to explore Brown’s personal life, uncovering his journey in relationships, family, and media presence.

Love and Matrimony

A.J. Brown’s fame extends beyond the football field, as his personal life also captures attention. Kelsey Riley holds a pivotal place in his life, and their union took place in September 2022. Their joy knew no bounds when their son, Arthur Brown Jr., came into the world on September 29, 2022. Kelsey marked this special moment by posting on Instagram, accompanied by the caption, “AJBII🤍9/29/22 Psalms 127:3.”

A Solid Connection

The romantic journey of Brown and Riley has captured the fascination of many. While the specifics of their initial encounter are kept confidential, their frequent appearances together at public functions attest to their profound connection. Brown doesn’t shy away from offering glimpses of their life on social media, where he openly conveys his affection and appreciation for Kelsey. In a heartfelt Instagram post from 2021, he penned, “Wishing the happiest of birthdays to the one who holds my heart. You’re my closest confidant and greatest advocate. My love for you transcends words.”

A Dedicated Family Man

Beyond his football career, A.J. Brown takes on the role of a dedicated father and loving husband. With two children, AJ Jr. and daughter Jersee, born in 2020, it is evident that family life is a priority for Brown. In a 2022 interview, he emphasized the importance of family, stating, “Family is everything to me. My wife and kids are my motivation. I want to be the best father and husband I can be.”

Media Visibility

Brown’s popularity extends beyond the football stadiums. He frequently makes headlines, whether it’s for his trade to the Philadelphia Eagles or other career milestones. With over a million followers on Instagram, Brown’s charismatic presence on social media platforms further demonstrates his widespread appeal.

Source of Inspiration for Many

A.J. Brown’s incredible NFL career and solid family bonds serve as a source of inspiration for countless individuals. Kelsey Riley, known as “a j brown wife,” stands out not just as a devoted spouse but also as a nurturing mother. Their son, AJ Jr., adds to the happiness of this wonderful family. To stay updated on the latest developments in Brown’s professional and personal life, fans can rely on social media or reputable sports news sources.


Q: To whom is A.J. Brown currently wed?

A: A.J. Brown is married to his longtime girlfriend, Kelsey Riley.

Q: Do you know the birthdate of A.J. Brown’s son?

A: A.J. Brown’s son, Arthur Brown Jr., was born on September 29, 2022.

Q: How many kids does A.J. Brown have?

A: A.J. Brown has two children, AJ Jr. and daughter Jersee, both born in 2020.

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