Hurricane Lee’s Potential Impact on New Brunswick: Updated Forecast and Analysis

Will Hurricane Lee Hit New Brunswick?

Will Hurricane Lee Hit New Brunswick?

News: Entering early September, there is a growing speculation about the potential repercussions of Hurricane Lee on New Brunswick. The current forecast for Hurricane Lee, currently a Category 3 storm positioned in the northeastern Caribbean Sea, indicates a projected northward trajectory by Wednesday, with an expected path passing between the U.S. mid-Atlantic region and Bermuda by Friday. This trajectory has raised concerns about the possible impact on New Brunswick.

The Path of Hurricane Lee

The trajectory of Hurricane Lee is becoming more defined, and it has evolved into a mounting concern. This article seeks to offer insights into whether New Brunswick is directly in the path of the storm.

Timeline of the Latest Information

Here is a timeline of the latest information regarding Hurricane Lee:

  • On September 12, Hurricane Lee, classified as a Category 3 storm, was located in the northeastern Caribbean Sea.
  • On September 13, Lee was expected to turn northward.
  • By September 14, Lee was projected to pass between the U.S. mid-Atlantic and Bermuda.
  • On September 15, Bermuda was anticipated to experience potential impacts.
  • As of September 16, the effects of Lee on New Brunswick are still being evaluated.

Potential Effects on New Brunswick

Recent data indicates that Hurricane Lee is moving northward. If it continues on its current path, New Brunswick could experience the following:

  1. Strong Winds: Gales of up to 70 mph could be felt in the region.
  2. Heavy Rainfall: Predictions suggest up to 10 inches of rain.
  3. High Surf: Coastal areas may experience significant surf, which could lead to beach erosion.

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The Uncertainty of Hurricane Lee

Although Hurricane Lee has been categorized as a Category 3 hurricane, its exact course remains uncertain. As of Monday morning, the storm was situated to the north-northeast of Puerto Rico. While its movement from Monday to Wednesday is gradual, there is a chance that Lee could strengthen, possibly reaching Category 4 status.

Growing Concerns

There are increasing concerns regarding the potential impact of Hurricane Lee on Atlantic Canada, which includes New Brunswick. The area might experience strong winds, heavy rainfall, and elevated surf conditions. Nonetheless, experts anticipate that Lee will not reach the same level of intensity as previous tropical storms that have affected the region.

Apart from New Brunswick, the U.S. East Coast may also feel the impacts of Hurricane Lee, such as rip currents, coastal erosion, and strong winds, especially near the storm’s center, which currently boasts sustained winds of 120 mph. Although there’s a possibility that Hurricane Lee might weaken to a Category 2, it has displayed signs of revitalization while over open waters.

In conclusion, the certainty of Hurricane Lee making landfall in New Brunswick is still unclear. Nevertheless, it is essential for residents to stay prepared and well-informed by keeping track of updates and adhering to safety guidelines.


1. What is the current status of Hurricane Lee?

Currently, Hurricane Lee is a Category 3 storm located in the northeastern Caribbean Sea.

2. Will New Brunswick experience strong winds?

Yes, if Hurricane Lee maintains its current path, strong winds of up to 70 mph could be felt in the region.

3. Is Hurricane Lee similar to past hurricanes?

No, while Hurricane Lee is a significant storm, it is not expected to be as powerful as some previous hurricanes, such as Dorian in 2019.

4. Should residents be concerned?

While the exact path is uncertain, it is always best for residents to be prepared and stay updated on the latest information.

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