How To Start Festival In Elden Ring?

Elden Ring Radahn Festival: How to Start and Participate

Elden Ring Radahn Festival

News: The Elden Ring, a well-loved desktop game, has amassed a global fanbase owing to its relentless action and distinctive elements. Among these attributes is the capacity for players to venture into different settings and vanquish foes to bolster their strength prior to confronting formidable bosses. This principle is likewise exemplified in the grand Elden Ring Radahn Festival, a momentous event allowing players to engage in an epic battle. In this piece, we will delve deeper into the mechanics of this festival and explain how players can initiate their participation in it.

Starting the Festival in Elden Ring

To begin the Radahn Festival in Elden Ring, players need to follow a series of steps:

Step 1: Launch Elden Ring – Start the game and familiarize yourself with the in-game maps to know where to go.

Step 2: Go to Fort Faroth – Acquire the first part of the “Dectus Medallion” in the fort of Faroth, facing mini-bosses and enemies along the way.

Step 3: Find the Second Part – Head to Fort Height in the Mistwood region of Limgrave to find the second part of the medallion.

Step 4: Activate the Medallions – Activate both parts of the medallion at the top or bottom of the Grand Lift.

Step 5: Go to Redmane Castle – Travel to Cealid’s southeastern region and use the teleportation stone to reach Redmane Castle.

Step 6: Talk to the NPC Soldier – Speak to the head soldier on the castle’s platform to confirm your readiness and initiate the festival.

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Pre-Festival Preparations in Elden Ring

Before the festival kicks off, players must engage with two pivotal characters: the wolf, “Blaidd,” and the warrior jar, “Alexander.” These personalities can be located within the vicinity of Redmane Castle and its environs. Gamers have the opportunity to investigate the castle and the labyrinthine region preceding it, taking on adversaries and amassing valuable items. However, their direct confrontation with Radahn is deferred until the festival is set in motion.

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Initiating the Festival in Elden Ring

The festival in Elden Ring doesn’t start automatically; players need to initiate it themselves. To activate the festival, players must embark on a journey through the Altus Plateau, acquiring the two parts of the Medallion. Activating these parts is crucial to reaching Redmane Castle, where the festival takes place. Players cannot skip the Altus Plateau if they want to start the grand festival in Elden Ring.

There are two ways to activate the festival on the Altus Plateau:

Way 1: Activate the Site on the Altus Plateau – Starting from Faroth, players need to find the right Dectus Medallion, head to Fort Height for the second part, activate the medallions at the Grand Lift, and reach Redmane Castle through the Impassable Great Bridge.

Way 2: The Ranni’s Questline – Players can also start the festival through the Ranni’s Questline, involving completing the Caria Manor dungeon, talking to Ranni and other NPCs, defeating Radahn, and teleporting to Redmane Castle.

NPCs in the Elden Ring Radahn Festival

Throughout the Radahn Festival, players will come across eight NPCs who will join forces with them in the battle against Radahn. These NPCs encompass Iron Fist Alexander, Blaidd, Finger Maiden Therolina, Bloody Finger Okina, Patches, Great Horned Tragoth, Lionel the Lionhearted, and Castellan Jerren. Moreover, within the palace plaza, players will also have the opportunity to interact with three spirit/ghost NPCs.

The Elden Ring Radahn Festival is a grand in-game event, and players have the opportunity to join in the excitement. By adhering to essential procedures and engaging with crucial characters, players can trigger the festival and ready themselves for a monumental showdown with Radahn. This festival injects an exhilarating and captivating dimension into the gameplay, rendering the trek to Redmane Castle truly worthwhile. Therefore, prepare yourself and equip for the trials that lie ahead in the Elden Ring Radahn Festival.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can players start the Radahn Festival in Elden Ring?

To start the Radahn Festival, players need to follow a series of steps, including acquiring the Dectus Medallion, activating it, and talking to the NPC soldier at Redmane Castle.

2. Are there any preparations required before the Elden Ring festival?

Yes, players need to interact with important characters like Blaidd and Alexander and explore Redmane Castle and its surrounding areas.

3. Can players skip the Altus Plateau and still initiate the festival?

No, it is impossible to skip the Altus Plateau if players want to start the grand festival in Elden Ring.

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