How To Save Nick In The Quarry?

How to Safeguard Nick in The Quarry: Strategies and Tips

How To Save Nick In The Quarry?

News: In the widely acclaimed game known as The Quarry, Nick Furcillo assumes a pivotal role as the central character. Serving as a counselor at the Hackett’s Quarry summer camp, Nick’s destiny hangs in the balance, contingent upon the choices players make during their gameplay. This article is designed to assist you in safeguarding Nick’s life and securing his survival until the game’s conclusion.

Nick’s Importance in The Quarry

Nick is renowned for his easygoing and mellow demeanor. Although he may not exhibit conspicuous leadership traits, he is by no means an introvert. In a specific instance, Nick finds himself in the crosshairs of a werewolf attack when he pursues Abigail. Depending on the decisions made, Nick can either undergo a transformation into a werewolf or successfully endure the night and revert to his human state.

The Challenges in Saving Nick

In a later stage of the game, Nick is incarcerated within the Hackett mansion following his transformation into a werewolf. The choices you make at this juncture will wield significant influence over the fates of numerous characters. It is of paramount importance for Nick to persevere throughout the night and ultimately purge his infection once all the werewolves have been vanquished.

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Can Nick Be Saved in The Quarry?

Indeed, rescuing Nick in The Quarry is achievable, yet it is commonly acknowledged as a formidable undertaking. The events and situations he becomes entangled in render his survival notably more arduous in comparison to the other characters within the game.

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Tips to Save Nick in The Quarry

To increase the chances of Nick’s survival, consider the following tips:

Chapter 3:

During the werewolf attack on Nick, when the decision-making power shifts to Abigail, choose to help Nick. Abigail can lure the monster away and avoid being captured by successfully using the Breath-holding option. When pursuers try to forcefully remove Nick, have Ryan point and fire the gun to scare off the hunters.

Chapter 6:

In this chapter, Nick’s behavior becomes more volatile when he is pushed into a swimming pool. When control shifts to Abigail, she must be cautious when approaching Nick. If she gets too close, Nick will throw her across the room. Abigail must use Nick’s weapon nearby to fire at him, as he will otherwise fatally harm her. While Nick will be injured, Abigail will survive, but Nick will escape and turn into a werewolf.

Chapter 8:

Nick can be found imprisoned beneath Hackett’s mansion in this chapter. Ryan and Laura may not recognize him at first. To save Nick, make sure Ryan distracts Laura. If Laura is not stopped, she will shoot and kill Nick.

Chapter 10:

In order to lift Nick’s werewolf curse, it is imperative to eliminate Caleb. The curse can only be broken when Nick himself is responsible for Caleb’s demise. Meanwhile, during this chapter, the werewolf will persist in hunting the other counselors. To divert the creature’s attention, a useful strategy is to discreetly place Abigail’s toy animal inside Kaitlyn’s backpack and engineer a situation where Kaitlyn slips at the far end of the kitchen. This clever move will lead the monster to pursue the toy animal, thereby safeguarding the other counselors from its deadly intentions.

Securing Nick’s safety in The Quarry is undeniably a challenging endeavor, but with astute decision-making and a well-thought-out strategy, it can be accomplished. As you navigate through the game, be sure to keep these tips in your arsenal, and always bear in mind that it is your choices that will ultimately dictate Nick’s destiny. Wishing you the best of luck on your quest to protect Nick and guarantee his survival until the game’s conclusion.


Q: Is it difficult to save Nick in The Quarry?

A: Yes, saving Nick is regarded as a challenging task due to the events and circumstances he is involved in.

Q: Are there any sacrifices involved in saving Nick?

A: Yes, saving Nick may require sacrificing the lives of other characters.

Q: Can Nick be saved if he turns into a werewolf?

A: Yes, it is possible to save Nick even if he turns into a werewolf, but certain actions need to be taken to ensure his survival.

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