How To Save Hacketts In The Quarry?

The Quarry: Saving the Hackett Family

The Quarry: Saving the Hackett Family

News: The Quarry is a game centering on the Hackett family, initially depicted with humanitarian intentions. However, as the game unfolds, it becomes evident that they are the central antagonists. The family’s forebears are credited with founding Hackett’s Quarry and bestowing it with their own name.

When the full moon graces the sky, a curse is set into motion, compelling certain Hackett family members to undergo a gruesome transformation into werewolves. Over the past six years, the Hackett clan has consecrated each full moon to track down the genuine lycanthrope and unearth a remedy for their affliction. Fortuitously, the elusive werewolf they are pursuing has been sighted in the vicinity of Hackett’s Quarry, which plays into their hands.

The Hackett family is comprised of Chris, Bobby, Caleb, Constance, Jedediah, Kaylee, and Travis Hackett. While there is a possibility to rescue the rest of the Hackett family, regrettably, the demise of Kaylee Hackett is an unavoidable outcome.

Chris Hackett

The initial challenging decision revolves around whether to accede to Laura’s request to launch an attack on Ryan. Opting to support Laura will ultimately result in the demise of the Hackett family. When Laura undergoes her transformation into a werewolf, players must concentrate on shooting her instead of Chris. This choice will also culminate in the death of Ryan.

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Bobby Hackett

To secure Bobby’s survival, players must procure the weapon from Ryan after Bobby injures him. This weapon can then be utilized at a later point to safeguard Bobby from potential harm.

Caleb Hackett

During the chase when Dylan and Kaitlyn are pursued by Caleb in his werewolf form, players should choose the option to run multiple times. It is crucial not to engage Caleb while he is chasing the counselors, as doing so will spare Caleb but lead to Kaitlyn’s infection and Dylan’s demise.

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Constance Hackett

In Chapter 9, Laura and Constance engage in a battle for a gun. Players must purposely fail the Quick Time Event, as Laura will kill Constance if she wins.

Jedediah Hackett

Jedediah confronts Laura with a gun. After successfully completing the quick-time event, players must select the ‘Run’ button. Failure to do so will result in Jedediah’s death.

Travis Hackett

To guarantee Travis’s survival until the game’s conclusion, players must refrain from taking any actions that might lead to a mortal injury for him. Regrettably, despite players’ utmost efforts, it is impossible to preserve Kaylee’s life in the game.


Can all members of the Hackett family be saved in the game?

Kaylee Hackett cannot be saved in the game.

What happens if the player chooses to side with Laura?

If the player chooses to side with Laura, it will ultimately lead to the deaths of the Hackett family. When Laura transforms into a werewolf, players must focus on shooting her instead of Chris.

What should players do to save Travis Hackett?

To save Travis Hackett, players must avoid taking any actions that could result in a fatal wound for him.

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