How to Reset Player Progression in eFootball

How to Reset Player Progression in eFootball

How to Reset Player Progression in eFootball

The Importance of Resetting Player Progression in eFootball

News: Resetting player progression represents a strategic maneuver with substantial implications for gameplay in eFootball. It empowers you to strategically redistribute progression points, fine-tune player development, and rectify any errors that may have occurred during the leveling journey. This flexibility proves particularly invaluable in the context of fiercely competitive online matches, where each point holds substantial weight.

Step 1: Navigate to ‘My Team’

Launch eFootball and navigate to the main menu. From there, choose the ‘My Team’ option, which serves as the hub for all your team management activities.

Step 2: Access the ‘Players’ Section

Within the ‘My Team’ menu, you will find a section labeled ‘Players.’ Tap on this option to view your roster of players.

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Step 3: Select the Player to Reset

Browse your roster of players and select the one for whom you wish to reset the progression. This selection will trigger the opening of a dedicated menu tailored to that particular player.

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Step 4: Go to ‘Player Progression’

Within the player-specific menu, pinpoint the ‘Player Progression’ option and give it a tap. This action will unveil the player’s existing level, skills, and other attributes.

Step 5: Initiate the Reset

To conclude, simply tap the ‘Action’ button, typically located at the screen’s lower section. This action will trigger a dropdown menu with a range of choices. Opt for the ‘Reset Player Progression’ option to finalize the procedure.

Utilizing the option to reset player progression in eFootball is a valuable resource for enhancing gameplay and rectifying any errors encountered during the leveling journey. The comprehensive step-by-step instructions provided above empower you to reset player progression across multiple platforms, elevating your gaming experience to new heights.


Q: Why would I want to reset player progression in eFootball?

A: Resetting player progression allows you to reallocate progression points, optimize player development, and correct any mistakes made during the leveling process, leading to improved gameplay.

Q: Can I reset player progression on all platforms?

A: Yes, you can reset player progression in eFootball on Android, iPhone, Xbox, and PS5.

Q: Is there anything else I need to do before resetting player progression?

A: Make sure you have the latest version of eFootball installed on your device and that you are logged into your account with a stable internet connection.

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