How to Repair Shoes On Aglet App?

Aglet App – Sneaker Repair Methods

Aglet App - Sneaker Repair Methods

Method 1: Utilize Sneaker Shine

News: The Aglet app offers an innovative solution catering to walking and running enthusiasts who can earn Aglet points for their physical activities. If your sneakers are in need of some care, here’s a helpful method you can explore within the Aglet app.

Step 1: Open the Aglet App

Start by locating the Aglet app on your mobile device and opening it.

Step 2: Access Sneaker Shine

Next, navigate to the app’s profile page and locate the “Sneaker Shine” option or icon. Click on it to proceed.

Sneaker shine is a polish-like liquid that effectively cleans sneakers. It offers a repair solution of up to 40-50 percent, allowing you to restore your sneakers at home without stepping outside.

Method 2: Visit a Repair Shop

If you prefer professional assistance in repairing your sneakers, you can visit a repair shop. Here’s how you can find one through the Aglet app:

Step 1: Launch the Aglet App

Open the Aglet app on your mobile device or iPhone.

Step 2: Explore the App

Upon opening the app, you will be directed to the “Wear” page. Look for the “Explore” section, indicated by a purple tab with a >>> arrow symbol. Click on “Explore” to access the map.

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Step 3: Locate a Repair Shop

Within the explore section, tap on the “Scan” button to reveal nearby locations on the map. Select a repair shop that suits your convenience. These repair shops provide a solution akin to the “Sneaker Shine,” restoring your shoes to their former glory, often achieving a significant improvement of 40-50 percent.

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Method 3: Find a Deadstock Station

A deadstock station is a specialized facility for rejuvenating worn-out sneakers. Here’s how you can find one through the Aglet app:

Step 1: Utilize Your Maps

Launch the Aglet app and navigate to the explore section below the wear page. Select the “Scan” option to scan the map and identify any nearby deadstock stations.

Step 2: Choose a Deadstock Station

Following the map scan, locate the “Deadstock Station” icon, which is identifiable by a skull☠ against a green background. Confirm that they possess the required resources to repair your particular pair of shoes. Deadstock stations are capable of restoring your shoes to their original condition, achieving a full 100 percent repair. However, it’s important to note that access to this service requires a significant amount of Aglet points.

Method 4: Recycle Your Shoes

If your shoes are beyond repair and cannot be restored, you can choose to recycle them. The Aglet app provides a convenient way to recycle your shoes:

Step 1: Access the Shelf Section

Open the Aglet app and swipe right to access the Shelf section on the home page.

Step 2: Select the Shoes for Recycling

In the Shelf section, you will find a list of shoes that you have stored. Choose the shoe you want to recycle and gently drag it downwards.

Step 3: Click on “Recycle Now”

While dragging the shoe down, you will notice a Recycle symbol. Once you see this symbol, select the option “Recycle Now” to initiate the shoe recycling process. If you change your mind, you can always click on “Abort” to cancel the operation.

As you partake in your walks and runs, your sneakers may inevitably accumulate dirt and wear. Fortunately, the Aglet app offers a solution by allowing you to accumulate Aglet points, which can be used to restore your sneakers. You have two choices: you can either visit a repair shop for a restoration of 40-50 percent, or you can head to a deadstock station for a comprehensive repair, achieving a full 100 percent renewal. In cases where your shoes are beyond repair, the Aglet app’s Shelf section provides an option for recycling them.


1. Can I use the Sneaker Shine method on any type of sneakers?

Yes, the Sneaker Shine method can be used on most types of sneakers. However, it may not restore them completely.

2. Are there many deadstock stations available?

No, there are not many deadstock stations available. And even when they exist, there’s no guarantee that they will have the right materials for repairing your specific shoes.

3. How many Aglet points do I need to access the deadstock station service?

You will need a sufficient number of Aglet points to access the deadstock station service, which can repair your shoes up to 100 percent.

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