How to Get Shroud Sacks in Enshrouded?

In the game Enshrouded: A Guide to Obtaining Shroud Sacks

In the game Enshrouded

News: In Enshrouded, players depend on Shroud Sacks, a vital crafting material, to enhance their Flame Altar and craft various items. However, obtaining these sacks proves challenging as they are only found in deeply Shrouded areas, with no explicit instructions or guidance provided in the game.

To acquire Shroud Sacks, players need to explore Enshrouded regions and defeat specific enemies. There are two types of enemies dropping Shroud Sacks: blue flower-like creatures and red four-legged ones. A prime location for encountering the blue creatures is near Lone Thistle, particularly during The Alchemist’s Mortar quest. Other viable spots include heavily Shrouded areas near Revelwood Ancient Spire and the Nomad Highlands. Identifying these creatures can be challenging, as they resemble closed flowers from a distance, only revealing themselves and becoming aggressive when players approach.

The Purpose of Shroud Sacks

Shroud Sacks serve a primary purpose in upgrading the Flame Altar. Furthermore, players embodying ranger characters can utilize these sacks to craft Shroud Arrows at the Hunter. These arrows confer a three-point damage advantage over standard Scrap Arrows, proving particularly advantageous for navigating Revelwood content. Notably, entry into the Shrouded region where the blue flowers are located becomes feasible only after players have upgraded their Flame Altar to level 3. It is crucial to exercise caution in this Shrouded area, as it is enveloped in a red shroud that can inflict instant harm. Blue flowers are often situated on the periphery of the Shroud, facilitating easier collection before players proceed with upgrading their Altar.

About Enshrouded: A Survival Action Role-Playing Game

Enshrouded, developed by Keen Games, is a survival action role-playing video game set in the open world of Embervale, accommodating up to 16 players in multiplayer mode. The game encompasses base building, resource gathering, crafting, combat, and skill trees.

In summary, Shroud Sacks stand as a crucial crafting material within Enshrouded, requiring players to defeat specific enemies in deeply Shrouded areas for acquisition. The enhancement of the Flame Altar and the crafting of diverse items hinge on obtaining these invaluable Shroud Sacks.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: In Enshrouded, where can I locate the blue flower-shaped entities?

A: The blue flower-like entities are situated around Lone Thistle, Revelwood Ancient Spire, and the Nomad Highlands.

Q: What function do Shroud Sacks serve primarily?

A: Shroud Sacks are primarily used to enhance the Flame Altar and create Shroud Arrows for ranger characters.

Q: What is the maximum number of players allowed to join in Enshrouded?

A: Enshrouded’s open world, Embervale, allows up to 16 players to participate together.

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