How to Get MultiVersus Beta Code?

How to Obtain a MultiVersus Beta Code

How to Obtain a MultiVersus Beta Code

Step 1: Create or Sign-In to a Free WB Games Account

News: In order to utilize a code within MultiVersus, players are required to initially establish a free WB Games Account or log in if they already have one. For those who do not possess an account, they can conveniently create one at no cost.

Once players have successfully logged into their WB Games Account, the next step involves linking it to their Twitch account. This procedure is uncomplicated and can be accomplished by following a concise set of instructions. For a comprehensive tutorial on the process of connecting a WB Games Account to Twitch, players can consult the informative article entitled “How to Link MultiVersus to Twitch?”

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Step 3: Watch Twitch Streamers Play MultiVersus with Drops Enabled

After successfully linking their WB Games Account to Twitch, players can move forward to watch any Twitch streamer who is playing MultiVersus with drops enabled. To qualify for Twitch Drops, players are required to watch for a minimum of 60 minutes, which will grant them early access to the game’s Open Beta. The Open Beta is scheduled to run from July 19 at 9 AM PT to July 26 at 9 AM PT.

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Step 4: Get Twitch Drops and Claim Your Rewards

As players tune in to watch Twitch streamers engaging in MultiVersus gameplay, they can actively track their own progress and collect the rewards they’ve earned. Access to these rewards is available directly within the MultiVersus game. It’s crucial to bear in mind that there might be a finite timeframe for linking accounts and redeeming these rewards. Furthermore, the delivery of drop rewards within the game can vary in duration, contingent on the volume of claims and the game developer’s schedule. To ensure a smooth process, players should also remember to make a copy of the code provided after claiming their rewards.

Step 5: Redeem the Code to Gain Early Access to MultiVersus

To secure early access to MultiVersus, players should follow these steps:

1. Access their WB Games Account.
2. Proceed to the Beta Management section located in the left-side menu.
3. Enter the provided code in the “Redeem a Beta Code” field.
4. Conclude the process by clicking the “Redeem” button.

Once these steps are successfully executed, players will gain early access to MultiVersus.

In summary, acquiring a MultiVersus Beta Code involves the following steps: creating or logging into a free WB Games Account, connecting it to a Twitch account, watching Twitch streamers playing MultiVersus with drops enabled, claiming the Twitch Drops and rewards, and ultimately redeeming the code to secure early access to MultiVersus.


1. How do I create a WB Games Account?

To create a WB Games Account, simply visit their official website and follow the instructions for registration. It’s a quick and easy process.

No, currently you can only link one Twitch account to your WB Games Account.

3. What if I miss the limited time window to redeem my Twitch Drops?

If you miss the limited time window to redeem your Twitch Drops, unfortunately, you will not be able to claim them. Make sure to keep an eye on the time window and redeem your drops promptly.

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