How To Fix: Tower of Fantasy Error 2618

Tower of Fantasy Error 2618: Reasons and Solutions

Tower of Fantasy Error 2618

News: Tower of Fantasy, a widely-played MMORPG, has been a source of frustration for certain players, mainly because of a recurring issue labeled as 2618. Within this piece, we will delve into the causes of this error and offer remedies to rectify it.

Reasons for Error 2618

Error 2618 in Tower of Fantasy arises when players try to log into the game, select a server, and encounter an error message rather than entering the game. This particular error signals that the chosen server has reached its maximum capacity, thereby barring players from accessing the game.

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Solutions to Fix Error 2618

To resolve the Tower of Fantasy error 2618, there are a few steps you can take:

1. Wait and Retry

A straightforward remedy involves closing the game and patiently waiting before attempting to log in again. This provides the server with an opportunity to vacate space as other players log out. Furthermore, in cases where there is a queue for the server, demonstrating patience will enable you to progress in the queue and, eventually, gain access to the game.

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2. Choose a Different Server

An alternative approach is to opt for a less crowded server that is not at maximum capacity. Server availability can be assessed using color indicators. A green indicator suggests numerous available slots and a relatively low number of players logged in, making entry easier. An orange indicator implies a limited number of open slots with more players logged in, increasing the difficulty of entry. Meanwhile, a red indicator signifies a high number of players logged in, making access very challenging. Selecting a server with open slots, as indicated by the green color, allows for a smoother entry into the game and circumvents the error.

3. Switch to a Different Region

In the event that all the servers within your current region are at full capacity, it’s worth contemplating a switch to an alternative region. For instance, if you’re currently engaged in the EU region, consider transitioning to the US region. This change of region opens up the opportunity to explore servers with available slots, facilitating a smooth entry into the game. Utilize the color indicators as a reference to identify servers with open slots when making the shift.

In summary, the Tower of Fantasy error 2618 poses a frequent challenge for players attempting to log into the game. To resolve this issue, consider switching to a server with available slots, exercise patience before retrying, or explore alternate regions with potentially accessible servers. By adhering to these strategies, you can effectively address the error and relish uninterrupted gameplay.


1. What is Tower of Fantasy error 2618?

Tower of Fantasy error 2618 is an error that occurs when players are unable to log into the game due to a chosen server being at maximum capacity.

2. How can I fix Tower of Fantasy error 2618?

To fix Tower of Fantasy error 2618, you can try waiting and retrying, choosing a different server, or switching to a different region.

3. Can I switch regions to bypass the error?

Yes, if the servers in your current region are full, you can switch to a different region to find servers with availability.

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